Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry

Division of Student Development

May Trips

Louisville, Kentucky
Cost: $275
Focus: Immigration and Refugee Resettlement

May 14th-20th

CrossRoads Ministries is committed to engaging young adults in an urban retreat experience based on outreach to the margins, prayer, service and bridging communities for justice. This ABI will be a guided immersion experience into inner city Louisville focusing on refugees and immigrants and will involve working with agencies that assist refugee families in entry and adjustment to the United States.

Host Organization: CrossRoads Ministries.

Detroit, Michigan
Cost: $275
Focus: Urban Issues

May 14th-20th

The Jeanie Wylie Community is an intentional community on the southwest side of Detroit, committed to urban agriculture, hospitality, spirituality, and nonviolent resistance. This ABI will be an opportunity to learn and work with Detroit around food justice and urban farming. In the last few decades, Detroit has become a food desert. Yet, with one third of Detroit as vacant land, gardens are breaking through the concrete. Control of food is being wrested away from corporations; people are feeding one another; space is made beautiful, communities are formed, and local economies are created. The Jeanie Wylie Community currently has a large garden, fruit trees, chickens, beehives, and is working to create a neighborhood garden by next Spring. Five out of the eight community members are graduates of Loyola University Chicago. Host Organization: Jeanie Wylie Community.