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Ignatian Pilgrimage

This summer, Loyola University Chicago will offer an Ignatian Pilgrimage course in Spain for students on May 24 to June3, 2017. The group will travel to Loyola, the birthplace of St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus, and then to sites of great significance to his life: Arantzanzu, the Xavier Castle, Navarre, Pamplona, Montserrat, and finally, Barcelona. The course is sponsored by Loyola Chicago's Department of Modern Languages, and is taught by Rev. D. Scott Hendrickson, S.J., Professor of Modern Languages and Dr. Lisa Reiter, Director of Campus Ministry at Loyola Chicago.

Important Dates for the 2017 Pilgrimage

  • March 1 - Applications Due
  • May 25 - Arrival in Spain
  • June 3 - Conclusion of the Pilgrimage

Tuition Fee: $2,253
Three credit hours of Loyola summer session tuition
*Graduate students will pay graduate tuition rate.

Program Fee: $875

  • Entrance Fees to Cultural Sites
  • Bus transportation to Pilgrimage sites
  • Accomodations in local hotels
  • Most meals

Approximate Total Cost: $3,128
Does not include:

  • Round-trip airfare (Chicago - Spain)
  • Personal spending money
  • Some meals
  • Loyola international health insurance

For more information, contact Fr. Scott Hendrickson.

See below for the Ignatian Pilgrimage Itinerary.

Day One: San Sebastian

  • Arrival in Bilbao by 5:00 p.m.
  • Introductions, Opening lecture, and Course expectations
  • Evening tour of Bilbao and tapas

Day Two: Loiola

  • Journey to Azpeitia by local bus
  • Visit the Basilica Shrine
  • Tour Casa Santa
  • Celebrate mass in the Chapel of Conversion
  • Lecture

Day Three: Loiola

  • Morning Activities
  • Pilgrimage walk: Hike to top of mountain overlooking Loiola valley
  • Tour exhibition of Pedro Arrupe
  • Reflection time
  • Lecture
  • Student Presentations
  • Pilgrimage Walk to see the death mask of Saint Ignatius

Day Four: Arantzazu

  • Pilgrimage walk to visit the church of Ignatius’ baptism and the hospital where he stayed and worked
  • Journey by bus to Arantzazu
  • Tour of the Shrine
  • Opportunity for silence and reflection

Day Five: Pamplona

  • Journey by bus to Javier, Navarra
  • Pilgrimage walk into Javier (optional)
  • Tour the Javier Castle, the birthplace of St. Francis Javier
  • Lunch with the Jesuit Community
  • Journey by bus to Pamplona
  • Visit the Ignatian sites, e.g. where Ignatius was wounded

Day Six: Montserrat

  • Journey by bus to Montserrat
  • Lunch stop in Zaragoza
  • Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pilar, the national Marian shrine
  • Evening lecture and discussions, student presentations

Day Seven: Montserrat

  • Pilgrimage walk:  visit hermitages on the mountain
  • Visit the Basilica
  • Lectures and discussions
  • Mass in the chapel

Day Eight: Montserrat

  • Pilgrimage Walk from Montserrat to Manresa, 17  miles
  • Visit La Cova in Manresa
  • Mass in La Cova
  • Return to Montserrat by train and cog railroad

Day Nine: Barcelona

  • Journey to Barcelona by aerial car and train
  • Visit to the chapel where the sword of Ignatius is kept
  • Visit Gothic quarter and Ignatian Sites
  • Mass at the Cathedral

Day 10: Barcelona

  • Concluding lecture
  • Final Exam and Course evaluation
  • Visit to La Sagrada Familia
  • Closing dinner

Day 11: Departure