Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry

Division of Student Development

Mission & Vision


Rooted in our Jesuit Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry inspires Loyola students to grow personally and spiritually by inviting them to deepen their values and their relationships with themselves, others, and God.

We are gifted with, challenged by, and influenced by the rich religious and cultural diversity we find both within our Loyola community , as well as in the greater community of Chicago.


We envision graduates whose mature faith and commitment to the common good shape a world of justice and peace.
Vision statement was approved in July 2015.


Community - Recognizing that life is not a solitary endeavor, students will build relationships of accountability, authenticity, acceptance, and awareness of our shared humanity through faith-sharing, service, common experiences, and communal prayer.

Justice - Justice is an ongoing work, rooted in faith, hope, and love, to build an equitable society. This work is informed by an awareness of social structures and their historical context. Students will become aware of their agency and responsibility for the common good through education, experiences, relationships, and advocacy.

Respect - Respect is the recognition and reverence of the inherent dignity of all people and all creation. Students will appreciate and celebrate differences while deepening their understandings of themselves, others, and the world through encounter and dialogue with diverse people and places.

Spirituality - Within the context of their own chosen faith tradition, students will appropriate an adult faith rooted in love, compassion, and action through individual and communal prayer, worship, reflection, and experience.