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Campus Ministry Orientation Summer Schedule 2020

Welcome incoming students! We have curated a selection of webinars, panels, and activities to highlight our Campus Ministry programs. Scroll through below to see our offerings!

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Monday, June 8th

Jesu-What? Intro to Ignatian Spirituality - 4pm

Join us for an introduction of the spirituality at the root of Loyola's mission that is interactive, engaging, and relevant as you begin orientation!

Christian Faith Communities - 4:30pm

Learn about our weekly faith-sharing groups that are student-led, rooted in your experience and Ignatian spirituality, and deep community!


Catholic Life at Loyola – 5pm

 As a Jesuit, Catholic institution, we offer many resources for our Catholic students. Come learn about these many programs, including liturgical ministries, RCIA, Confirmation, music ministry, and Catholic prayer opportunities.

 Intro to Campus Muslim Life – 5:30pm

 Meet our Muslim chaplain and student leaders and hear how Muslim life on campus focuses on inclusion, faith, and growth.

 Tuesday, June 9th

Retreat Yo-Self - 3:30pm

Chat with Loyola staff and students about our retreats program - particularly our retreats created just for new students! We provide opportunities for you to discern your personal journey, build community, and explore your faith/spirituality. 

IG: @LUCretreats

LUV Session Webinar 4-5pm

What helps Ramblers LUV? Explore how LUV is part of everything we do at Loyola. Become a part of our diverse community, expand your knowledge, and see how being a person for others fits into it all. What does LUV mean? Join us and you can find out! 

Christian Fellowship on Campus (Agape Ecclesia) – 5pm

Meet our Protestant chaplains and students, as they share about their community, which is Christ-centered and focused on discipleship and worship.

IG: @Agape_Ecclesia

Agape Latte: Orientation Edition - 7pm

Join our Loyola tradition of caffeinated conversations of life, love, and faith! Enjoy live music from a student and storytelling from a staff member on Instagram Live. 

IG: @LUC_AgapeLatte

Wendnesday, June 10th 

Intro to Jewish Life at Loyola –3:30pm

Hear about the many ways to engage in Jewish Life on campus from students and staff.

IG: @Hillel.LUC

Unity Gathering Webinar - 4 -4:45pm Loyola is proud of the wide religious diversity of our community. Come celebrate our unity as we hear how Loyola supports students from multiple backgrounds.

Intro to Hindu Life at Loyola –5:00pm

Meet students and staff dedicated to Hindu Life on campus, focusing on hospitality, celebration, and community.

Rambler ServiceJustice, and Advocacy –5:30pm

Learn about the many opportunities to build community relationships (both on and beyond campus), engage in social justice education, practice reflection and personal development, and find leadership opportunities.

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