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Loyola 360 retreat helps students focus on themselves, their time at Loyola

By Anna Gaynor

Where do I fit in at Loyola? What if I don’t like my major? How can I stay close with my friends back home?

First-year students oftentimes walk into the Loyola 360 retreat with plenty of questions in tow.

Hosted on Loyola University’s Retreat and Ecology Campus in suburban Woodstock, the Loyola 360 experience gives students time to reflect on who they want to be and what they want to accomplish during their college career. The retreats—which run for three days and are offered a handful of times each year—feature talks with peers and upperclassmen, group prayer sessions, and time on the Challenge Course.

Held far away from the distractions of the city, the retreat helps new students focus on themselves and learn more about Loyola.

“There was no signal, there was no phone, so you couldn’t receive e-mails from any of your classes,” said Maggie Powers, an international business major. “At the retreat, it was nice to just let go of all that and kind of just figure out where you’re at right now.”

In addition to the activities and reflection, Loyola 360 offers another very intended side effect—plenty of time to start new friendships.

“Since what you do all day is team-building activities and small group talks and all these things which allow you to open up and be yourself, you actually get to know people,” Powers said.

Watch the above video to see students at a recent retreat. You can learn more about the program—including fees and upcoming dates—on the  website.