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Welcome to LUC Retreats at Loyola University Chicago! Retreats are a great way to expand your Loyola experience by forming relationships with others, exploring your faith, and strengthening your spiritual foundation. Many different retreats are offered throughout the year.

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What is a current social justice issue you are working on/advocating for? 

"Anti-racism work needs to be at the forefront of our work – that’s where I’m putting my energy."

What kind of impact do you intend to make with respect to your role? 

"I hope students will recognize the importance of their experiences and how those moments can inform who and how they are in the world. My hope is that retreats provide students with the space to integrate their experiences and make choices in their lives that are in alignment with their values and faith."

Do you think every student should go on a retreat?

"I do think every student should give retreats a chance. I don’t think every retreat is right for every student, but I think the themes and topics we cover on retreat are incredibly relevant for any college student. If you aren’t sure which one – just sign up for Unwritten. I wish everyone in my life would go on Unwritten!"

Lauren Schwer






What is a current social justice issue you are working on/advocating for? 

"Intersectional feminism, always. Frankly, feminism isn't feminism unless it is intersectional & inclusive! I highly recommend the book "Hood Feminism" by Mikki Kendall (a local Chicago author!).
What is your favorite part about working with students?
"I love getting to know students over a period of several years. It is honestly such a privilege to be a small part of others' journeys. I think college can be such a massively transformative period & it is so exciting to meet someone on a 360 or Transfer retreat their first year at Loyola and see how they have grown!"
What was your first retreat experience like? 
"My first retreat was actually in fifth grade, which is so crazy to think about! We spent a lot of time being creative, trying out different prayer & reflective activities, and just having fun. So honestly not too different from some of the retreats we offer for college students! I was given opportunities so early on to pause, reflect, & dream of a better future that it just became baked into my life. I have been consistently involved in retreats ever since!"

Megan Lynch Quirk

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