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Campus Recreation

Division of Student Development


Work Out Reservations, Group Fitness, and Personal Training

Reservations for work outs and group fitness are not required at this time to use Halas. 

Program Updates:

Group Fitness Program: currently on pause, but we hope to resume offering classes as soon as possible. 

Personal Training Program: currently on pause without a timeline for return. 


Group Fitness

All Group Fitness Classes are located in our four studio spaces: HRC1 Studio (downstairs), the Functional Training Studio (downstairs), the Spin Room (upper level), and HRC2 Studio (upper level).  For more information, see the Group Fitness page.

Personal Training

Looking for one-on-one training? For more information see the Personal Training page.

Digital Fitness Resources

Campus Rec is here to help you find resources to stay active while at home!

In these challenging times, many of you may be looking for at-home workouts. Here are some great FREE options you can find right from your smart phone, computer, or tablet!

Tips to stay active while sitting at your new office or study space:

During these tough times, being active is more important than ever. Exercise is helpful to stimulate your immune system, enhance your mood, give you a sense of accomplishment, decrease your stress levels, and keep you strong and fit. 

Health advocates recommend the following for optimal mental and physical health:

  • Maintain a healthy diet and eat regularly
  • Set up a schedule for yourself and aim to accomplish a couple of goals each day
  • Get enough and try to maintain a sleep schedule
  • Exercise!! This doesn't have to be hardcore- just be active!
    • stretch several times each day,
    • use  your own bodyweight or books/household objects for strength training
    • go for a walk or jog using social distancing guidelines

Questions?  Email us at fitness@luc.edu