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Summer 2022 Membership Policies

IMPORTANT: Halas will have limited weight room facilities and equipment available May 16th until mid July due to construction in our lower level. As well as the rockwall will be closed. 

Summer 2022 memberships start on May 16th and go through August 22nd! Summer 2022 memberships and programs will be available for enrolled students, continuing students and current Loyola staff, faculty and Jesuits only during summer 2022. We are only able to sell semester memberships at this time. Memberships will go on sale the day memberships open. 

The following memberships will be available:

  • Current undergraduate students who are enrolled in 3 or more credit hours who pay the undergraduate Student Development fee will automatically receive a membership as part of the fee.
  • Continuing undergraduate students will be eligible to purchase a membership 
    • Undergraduate students who were enrolled in the spring 2022 term and are enrolled in the fall 2022 term 
  • Graduate students will be eligible to purchase a membership
    • Graduate students pay a lower level and amount of Student Development fee and therefore do not have a membership automatically.
  • Current Loyola staff, faculty & Jesuits will be eligible to purchase a membership 
  • Day Passes
    • For current Loyola affiliated people (students, staff, faculty, Jesuits) who are not Halas members but would like to use Halas for one day.

 At this time, the following memberships will not be available for purchase:

  • Alumni
  • Retirees
  • Family memberships

Halas is focusing on student services with limited resources. We appreciate all of your understanding and thank you for your patience. Please check back in August for additional information and policy changes as we prepare for Fall 2022. 


Summer 2022 memberships will begin on May 16thAll undergraduate students who are enrolled in 3 or more credit hours who pay the undergraduate Student Development fee will automatically receive a membership as part of the fee. 

Summer 2022 memberships are available to purchase for the following:

  • Continuing undergraduate students ($93.00)
  • Graduate Students ($93.00) 
  • Current Loyola Faculty, Staff & Jesuits ($139.00) 
  • Days Passes ($15.00)

Instructions on how to purchase your membership below: 

  1. To purchase a membership, please log into our Member Portal with your LUC UVID at luc.edu
  2. Scroll down and select the "Memberships" icon. You will then either see based on your status a "Summer Student,” “Graduate Student,” “Staff,” “Faculty,” or “Jesuit” membership available to purchase, please click on this link. 
  3. The cost of the membership ($93.00 or $139.00) will appear in a gray highlighted box, please click on this and hit "add to cart" on the bottom right hand corner. 
  4. You then will be directed to sign our facility waiver and answer two custom prompt questions.   
  5. Once in the Shopping Cart view, please click "check-out" at the bottom right hand corner.  
  6. You will be prompted to choose a payment option, please click on "add a new card." Fill in your billing address and credit card information and click "submit."  
  7. Congrats! You now have a membership at Halas. You will receive a receipt shortly in your LUC email account. 

Halas Recreation Refund Policy: In the case of cancelling your membership, you may reciece a prorated refund less than a $30 Early Cancellation Fee. 

Summer memberships will expire on August 22nd, 2022. 

**Must have a valid and current LUC ID card for membership and entry into Halas**

Questions?  Call 773-508-2602 or email campusrec@luc.edu