Loyola University Chicago

Campus Recreation

Division of Student Development

Payroll Deduction Option

Faculty and Staff of Loyola University Chicago are able to purchase a membership to the Halas Recreation Center through payroll deduction.

You must be full-time to be eligible for the payroll deduction option.  Deductions are based on 12 paychecks a year for Faculty and 26 paychecks a year for Staff.  Deductions will continue an ongoing basis unless canceled.  Deduction rates are valid until June 30, 3018.  Part-time faculty and staff must purchase a membership on an annual or semester basis(Note: Access to Halas may take 1 or 2 business days to be processed, and 2 or 3 business days for access to the Water Tower Fitness Center.)

Early Stop Fee: If the payroll deduction option is stopped before the one-year anniversary of signing up, a $75 Early Stop Fee will be deducted, along with your final deduction.

You can begin your membership by filling out the Start Payroll Deduction form.

Your membership and the deductions will continue, at the current annual membership rate, until you fill out a Stop Payroll Deduction form.

Payroll Deduction Membership Rates

(26 paychecks per year)
$15.58 $29.42
(12 paychecks per year ONLY)
$33.75 $63.75
Deduction rates are valid through June 30, 2020. 

Questions?  Call 773-508-2602 or email campusrec@luc.edu