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I hereby authorize Loyola University Chicago to deduct my Halas Recreation Center Membership Fee in proportionate amount of money from my paycheck each pay period.

As members of Halas, you may request access to the WTC Fitness Center.  But we now offer memberships for access to the WTC Fitness Center ONLY as well, with no access to Halas, at a reduced rate.  If you would like access to both Halas and WTC Fitness Center, click the YES option in the form below.  If you would like access to the WTC Fitness Center ONLY, choose the appropriate option below. 

The current rate of deduction is valid for the current academic year and is based on the current annual membership rate for faculty and staff and the number of paychecks per year.  Deductions will continue until requested to stop.  These deduction rates are valid until June 30, 2020

Important Note

If the payroll deduction option is stopped before the one-year anniversary of signing up, a $75 Early Stop Fee will be deducted, along with your final deduction.  You must be EMPLOYED FULL TIME, on a 12month contract, to be eligible for the Payroll Deduction option.  Deductions are based on 12 paychecks a year for Faculty and 26 paychecks a year for Staff.  Our payroll deduction system in unable to accommodate Part Time Faculty and Staff.

If you are creating a Family Membership, you will need to set up family members in person at the Halas Recreation Center to get a Halas ID.

I understand the Halas Recreation Center Membership fee will continue to be deducted until the stop deduction form is submitted. 

Questions?  Call 773-508-2602 or email campusrec@luc.edu 

Employee First Name
Last Name:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
* Classification:
* Would you like access to the Baumhart Fitness Center at WTC?:
Check the Appropriate Box Payroll Schedule Per Pay Period Deduction Amount Number of Payments Annually
Staff Bi-Weekly Individual $15.58 26 Payments
Staff Bi-Weekly Family $29.42 26 Payments
12-Month Faculty Individual $33.75 12 Payments
12 Month Faculty Family $63.75 12 Payments
WTC Baumhart Fitness Center ONLY – Bi-weekly $7.79 26 Payments
WTC Baumhart Fitness Center ONLY – Monthly $16.88 12 Payments




By clicking 'SUBMIT REQUEST', you agree to the following: 

Members agree to obey all rules and regulations governing the use of the Halas Recreation Center.  Membership is a privilege that may be revoked for cause at the discretion of Loyola University Chicago.  Members also agree to discharge Loyola University Chicago and all its Trustees, Officers, Agents, and Employees from all claims, demands, actions, or causes of action on account of any injury which may occur from using these facilities except for any such claim due to the sole negligence or fault of the university.  Further, members agree to hold Loyola University Chicago harmless and fully indemnify the university from any action for damage to property or persons from the acts of said members, their families, or agents.

Questions?  Call 773-508-2602 or email campusrec@luc.edu