Loyola University Chicago

Campus Transportation

Car Share

If you must drive around campus, take advantage of local car sharing services. Car-sharing is a rapidly expanding industry that provides individuals and organizations with automated, self-service, 24-hour access to a decentralized fleet of vehicles.

Users share access to vehicles located on campus with other members. Users can reserve a car online or by phone, drive to see friends, to run errands, or just to get away from campus. Rates are charged by the hour and the mile, while the car sharing company covers gas, insurance and maintenance. Please visit the company websites prior to applying, as there may be age restrictions or other registration requirements.

Join now at Enterprise Car Share (complete list of pricing may be found here) or at Zipcar.

Nearby Enterprise Car Share Locations:

  • 1236 W. Loyola
  • 6214 N. Winthrop
  • 6150 N. Broadway
  • 1118 W. Thorndale
  • 1218 W. Morse
  • 1624 W. Morse
  • Many near the WTC

Nearby Zipcar Locations:

  • 1210 W. Arthur
  • 1340 W. Morse
  • 6401 N. Sheridan
  • 6151 N. Winthrop
  • Glenwood/Arthur
  • 6007 N. Sheridan
  • Many near the WTC