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Finding An Internship

Internships and other career-related part-time positions can benefit you in several ways. Internships alert you to the skills employers want, and provide you with real-world experiences. They allow you explore your career interests and use your skills in a professional environment. In addition, internships provide access to networks of colleagues and mentors in your field.

Finding an internship can be just as challenging as finding a full-time job. The components are the same: deciding what field you would like to pursue, researching it and identifying appropriate opportunities. This process may take several months, but don't give up. The Career Development Center is here to help you with each step.

For your first step, consider setting up an appointment with a career advisor to discuss what types of internship are appropriate for your goals, as well as strategies for finding and applying to internships. For more information about different types of internship (for/non-credit, un/paid, etc.) please visit the Center for Experiential Learning’s website. Next, consider these search strategies:

  • Search for internships online using RamblerLink.
  • Search Internships.com. This is an online search tool licensed by the Center for Experiential Learning.
  • Visit company websites. Many companies post their internships only on their websites.
  • Develop a list of companies in which you are interested; research industries to find companies that match your goals.
  • Network to develop contacts at desired companies, internship leads, mentors and referrals.

Looking for an internship in a different state?

Loyola students/alumni may request access to job search services from other Jesuit universities.