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Student and Alumni Testimonials

See what students and alumni are saying about their experiences with the Career Services team and resources.

Dee Napathalung

"I initially enrolled in the UNIV 224 course my second semester senior year as a blowoff/ "easy A" class. This class ended up helping me in ways I didn't realize I needed help in! Tips and feedback on professional sites, cover letters and resumes, and even interviews made getting a job less than 2 months out of college a piece of cake. I highly recommend this course, as I don't think I would've landed the full time position I did without the skills this class gave me." -Dee Napathalung

Lolan Adan

"Given my pivot from a career in Finance to Pastoral Counseling, I was keen on getting direction on how to present my story and to gain experience that would be relevant to my new life arena. Catherine Archer from Career Services was a tremendous part of my vocational and career formation. She worked with me on building basic career blocks to encouraging me to embrace my story and be courageous about next steps. She accompanied me with grace, generosity, and much positive energy. Thank you, Catherine." - Lolan Adan

Christian Tovar

"Rodney was the most helpful and kind person to help me. He was with me through every step of the way leading to graduation and getting my first job. He made everything so much easier and made me feel at ease with everything. Everyone in the Career center really is there to help you out and make everything easier for you." -Christian Tovar