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Student and Alumni Testimonials

See what students and alumni are saying about their experiences with the Career Services team and resources.

Dee Napathalung

"I initially enrolled in the UNIV 224 course my second semester senior year as a blowoff/ "easy A" class. This class ended up helping me in ways I didn't realize I needed help in! Tips and feedback on professional sites, cover letters and resumes, and even interviews made getting a job less than 2 months out of college a piece of cake. I highly recommend this course, as I don't think I would've landed the full time position I did without the skills this class gave me." -Dee Napathalung

Lolan Adan

"Given my pivot from a career in Finance to Pastoral Counseling, I was keen on getting direction on how to present my story and to gain experience that would be relevant to my new life arena. My advisor from Career Services was a tremendous part of my vocational and career formation. She worked with me on building basic career blocks to encouraging me to embrace my story and be courageous about next steps. She accompanied me with grace, generosity, and much positive energy." - Lolan Adan

Christian Tovar

"My advisor was the most helpful and kind person to help me. He was with me through every step of the way leading to graduation and getting my first job. He made everything so much easier and made me feel at ease with everything. Everyone in the Career center really is there to help you out and make everything easier for you." - Christian Tovar

Samantha Chipman

"I have enjoyed Career Services, because the services are accessible and effective. My Career Development Advisor has been supportive in writing a resume, finding summer internships, and exploring options after graduation. I can confidently endorse Career Services for individualized support, and for communicating with students." - Samantha Chipman

Isabel Fitzsimons

"The people with Career Services are extremely helpful and nice. They give straight forward and great feedback which helped me strengthen by resume, cover letters, and ultimately helped secure a summer internship (with a few options to choose from!) I felt like I could come with a variety of questions and they were understanding and willing to provide support. They also asked me questions which helped me probe what I wanted to pursue and why." - Isabel Fitzsimons

Megan Japczyk

"The career center has so many great advisors who genuinely care for you and want to see you succeed. My advisor has helped me with my grad school applications and weigh which ones would be the best option for me! She continuously checks up on how I am doing and I has connected me to others to further my career. Definitely a connection that will last a long time!" - Megan Japczyk

Jaylinn Herrera

"The career services center helped me land an amazing (paid) internship by preparing me with practice cover letters, revamping my resume and having mock interviews. Working with my advisor has allowed me to become more confident and intentional in job searching. I really appreciate her guidance and would definitely recommend the career services to other students!" - Jaylinn Herrera

Camille Jackson

"My career advisor was wonderful in helping me create an amazing cover letter that showcases my strengths and my love for telling stories. Pursuing a career within television and entertainment is competitive, but with her help, I've been able to use my refined cover letter, resume, and interviewing tips to land internships at Full Spectrum Features, NBC, and other highly recognized organizations. My advisor was so hands-on, giving me advice every step of the interviewing process, and showing me that although my majors are important, my hobbies and side interests are just as vital in landing the job of my dreams. I learned that your college major doesn't always define your career, and you're still allowed to explore. The career center helped me a better understanding of how my Sociology and Film Media studies background could help me pivot in this ever-changing world, especially during a global pandemic, and find pathways that make me feel fulfilled. I recommend that everyone visit the career center not just for resumes or cover letters, but to get help with creating a career plan that works for you and figuring out how your passions align." - Camille Jackson