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Credential Files/Dossiers

The Loyola Career Development Center recommends online credential services through Interfolio, Inc., a web-based credential file management system. Interfolio is an economical and convenient way for Ph.D. candidates to send academic credentials to a search committee, undergraduates to send application materials to graduate and professional schools, or teaching candidates to apply for a teaching positions in higher education.

Basics of Credential Files

A credential file, also called a dossier or placement file, is a professional file that stores information for your application for employment or graduate school admission. It contains non-specifically address letters of recommendation along with other documents such as your curriculum vitae or resume, writing samples, dissertation abstract, student teaching evaluations, transcripts, philosophy of teaching, proposed research, certifications, and other evidence of skills, abilities or qualifications.

Credential files provide a professional, convenient, dependable system to aid in the job application process. It is a way to organize and send your information to potential employers. It also eliminates the time-consuming process of continuously compiling the necessary documents for various applications. Finally, it allows your information to reach the employer in one complete package.

  • a PhD or PhD candidate to send academic credentials to a search committee
  • a premed student applying to medical schools
  • an undergraduate to send application materials to certain graduate and professional schools
  • a teacher to apply to a teaching position in higher education

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