Loyola University Chicago

Career Services

Typical Job Shadow Activities and Sample Questions

Job Shadow Activities

  • Observe company staff meetings
  • Complete office tasks or assist with projects
  • Conduct informational interviews of both professional and administrative staff
  • Shadow client interactions
  • Observe functions and duties of a particular career
  • Tour the facilities
  • Review organization’s mission/vision statement and organizational charts
  • Understand office policies and procedures
  • Review current trends in the profession
  • Explore potential career paths within the organization and the profession
  • Meet with key players of the organization

Sample Questions to Pose to Hosts during your Job Shadow

  • What are the major divisions of your organization?
  • Where does your division fit in?
  • What do you do during a typical work week/day?
  • What skills/abilities/attributes are most important in your work?
  • How did you enter this field?
  • What preparations (college major, training, other work experiences) would you suggest for someone interested in entering this field?
  • What other career areas are related to your work?
  • What are the areas of growth and decline in this career field?
  • What are the most significant problems you face in your specific job, department, or organization? To respond to these problems, what attributes do you seek in people you hire?
  • What is the average beginning salary for a person entering this career field?
  • Do employees have the opportunity for advancement within your organization? If so, how often is typical?
  • How much flexibility does one typically have regarding: innovation, self-expression, hours of work, lifestyle, decision making (authority), and feedback? Do employees regularly work overtime?
  • What percentage of time do you spend in interaction with people (staff and clients)? Working independently? Working with a team?
  • Must someone in your field expect to be moved about often during his/her career (within the company and geographically)?
  • Can you name any relevant magazines, journals, or publications that you would recommend I review?
  • Do you have any advice for me?