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Internship FAQ's

An internship is an on-site work experience that is either directly related to your major or your career interest.  It can be paid or unpaid and held during the summer, semesterly or throughout the academic year.

An internship gives you the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable work experience and transferable skills before you graduate
  • Develop new skills and refine others
  • Apply knowledge gained from coursework to on-the-job situations
  • Experience tentative career choices and new work environments
  • Meet and network with professionals in your field, for references and future opportunities
  • Possibly earn course credit or earn money for tuition or expenses
  • Gain confidence in your abilities

The most effective internship searches utilize a variety of different search strategies. A great place to start is our Finding an Internship page.

It may be possible to get academic credit for your internship, but not from the Career Development Center. Only academic departments can offer credit, and policies differ greatly from one department to the next. For more information see the Academic Internship FAQ’s.

There are different requirements for international students who wish to obtain work authorization. For more information, consult an advisor in the Office of International Programs.

Employers value skills developed through academic work, volunteer, extracurricular or other experiences which demonstrate skills useful in the workplace. Not all of these skills are job type specific; some are general skills such as communication and analytical skills, and can transfer to different settings. Any routine type of experience or leadership skills can demonstrate to employers that you will be a successful employee.

You can start by meeting with a Career Development Center advisor for assistance – they can help you assess your interests, strengths and skills, create a resume, participate in practice interviews and research organizations and employers for opportunities. To make an appointment for general or career field-specific internship advising, call 773.508.7716.