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Kajal Patel

Title/s:  Career Peer

Office #:  Sullivan 255

Phone: 773.508.7716



Tell us about yourself:

I am a senior majoring in Social Work, on the pre-law track, with minors in Sociology and Sociolegal Studies. I’m from the suburbs of Chicago. Some of my hobbies include reading and painting. My favorite tv show is Criminal Minds.

Why did you apply to be a Career Peer?

I applied to be a Career Peer because I like to work with people and want to support/guide students in any way I can. I also wanted to enhance communication skills and be a part of another community at Loyola. 

What do you like most about working with students?

The thing I like most about working with students is learning what they are passionate about. Students come into the CDC for resume and cover letter reviews because they really want to get a job or internship that they are excited for. I love being a part of their journey, even if I play a small role and helping them in their path towards success.

Career Tip:

Do what makes you happy