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Mackenzie O'Connor

Title/s:  Career Peer

Office #:  Sullivan 255

Phone: 773.508.7716



Tell us about yourself:

I am a senior majoring in social work with minors in sociology and urban studies. I'm from the south suburbs of Chicago, and some of my hobbies include reading, writing, going for walks, and watching my favorite shows. 

Why did you apply to be a Career Peer?

I applied to be a career peer because I truly enjoy working with people. I also wanted to be someone that students could go to when stressed, even if its just for resume help, and leave feeling a little bit better about one aspect of their busy lives. 

What do you like most about working with students?

Being a peer to students has been very rewarding, because we can see right away how we are helping them and providing them with knowledge and skills they can take anywhere. 

Career Tip:

Know your worth - you have done more than you think!