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CAS Series on Global Affairs

The College of Arts and Sciences, in partnership with CAS Interdisciplinary Program directors, offers a webinar series focusing on timely global issues. We invite well-known national and international scholars, authors, and experts in select fields that help us dive into social and cultural issues. While each series has a distinct focus, various perspectives are woven together to create a foundation of knowledge. This program is open to the Loyola community, including students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Access webinars by clicking on individual program titles.  

Fall 2021 | Spring 2022: Information, Misinformation, and Disinformation in Global Affairs

Social media has accelerated the rate in which information is spread globally. However, this deluge of data also has perpetuated the spread of misinformation and disinformation. Our speakers focused on the challenges and impacts of the information age. Speaker information and webinar recordings listed below:

Human Rights and the Global Information Environment
Phillip Howard, PhD
Oxford University, UK
October 27, 2021

Transforming Covid-19 Date to Help Policy Makers Evidence-based Decisions about Health and Safety
Beth Blauer, JD
Johns Hopkins University
November 10, 2021

Spring 2021: CAS Series on Global Racism

Grappling with issues of global racism, our speakers focused on current challenges facing different populations. Learn more about what our speakers addressed in both global and local settings. Speaker information and webinar recordings listed below: 

Race and Politics in America Today
Eddie Glaude, PhD
Princeton University
February 8, 2021

Immigration and Racism in Europe
Jean Beaman, PhD
UC, Santa Barbara
February 24, 2021

Slavery, Imperialism, and Race in the Muslim World
Rudolph Bilal Ware, PhD
UC, Santa Barbara
March 17, 2021

‘Pigmentocracies’ and Ethno-Racial Relations
Edward Telles, PhD
UC, Irvine
April 8, 2021

Perspectives on ‘Race’ and ‘Caste’ in the U.S. and India
Suraj Yengde, PhD
Harvard University
April 21, 2021