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Course Syllabi

To access the CAS Syllabus Project using Sakai, please login using your Loyola UVID and password.

The project site contains syllabuses for the most recent class-section in which the same professor taught a course she or he will be teaching in fall 2014.

Each syllabus displayed represents a previous offering of the same course by the same professor, when such a syllabus is available. Syllabuses for current course-sections will be distributed, in accordance with University policy, during the first week of classes in the term in which the class-section is taught. Prior syllabuses displayed on the site in no way should be imagined to constrain the instructors’ choices of course-materials, assignments, activities, grading-scales, topics, or policies for the current or subsequent offerings of the course. All elements of particular offerings of a course shall be determined in accordance with the instructor’s professional best judgment, within the parameters of the official catalogue-description of the course.