Loyola University Chicago

College of Arts & Sciences

Mission & Identity

Through the University's Core Curriculum and its many majors and minors, the College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the Jesuit tradition of a Transformative Education in the disciplines encompassed by the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. We encourage our students to acquire, experience, and reflect on knowledge, and then decide what it means for them in terms of individual choice, action, commitment, and service to others. For more information, visit:

The College Identity

Loyola University Chicago’s College of Arts and Sciences is the heart of the university. In this college, the central Judeo-Christian tradition affirming the dignity of the human person before God is embodied. In this undergraduate setting, students develop their intellectual discipline and their awareness of past and present dimensions of human culture, confirm their dedication to others, and strengthen their courage to build a future for the human family. Science and technology, language, literature and fine arts, theology and philosophy, history and communication skills, and a variety of social sciences, all have their distinct, yet cooperative, roles in developing students to fuller manhood and womanhood. In this way, each student may bring knowledge and disciplined competence to bear on the problems of neighborhood, city, and nation.

The College of Arts and Sciences resembles many Jesuit and Catholic Institutions in common heritage and common purpose. The Jesuit tradition specifically directs all education to a single finality: the greater glory of God through the fuller growth of the human person. Faithful to these common aspirations, Loyola’s College of Arts and Sciences finds its identity in its own distinctive history, a unique profile characterized by more than 125 years of service to the Chicago community, the Midwest, and the country at large. Many alumni remain to work and to live in this region of the United States. Indeed, Chicago’s many ethnic groups enrich the college and are served well in an atmosphere of ethnic and cultural pluralism.

Whether at Lake Shore Campus, the Water Tower Campus, or the Rome Center, the college reflects many years of loyal service from hundreds of dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators who carry Loyola’s sense of tradition, the zeal to work with and for each student individually, and the hope that Loyola’s educational values and ideals are being planted throughout the city and nation in the daily lives of its graduates. Those graduates are the continuing dramatic evidence of the spirit of the College of Arts and Sciences of Loyola University Chicago—a spirit manifested in the college’s core curriculum.