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2022-23 President's Medallion: Kiet Anh Nguyen

The President’s Medallion honors students from each of our 14 colleges, schools, and institutes who exemplify the meaning of being a true Loyolan.

Kiet Ann Nguyen is the 2022-23 College of Arts and Sciences President’s Medallion recipient.

Kiet’s Profile:

Hometown: Bình Duong, Vietnam 

Major/Program: Theoretical Physics/ Applied Mathematics 

Minor: Computer Science 

The President’s Medallion:

The President’s Medallion honors students from each of our 14 colleges, schools, and institutes who exemplify the meaning of being a true Loyolan. Exceeding not only in the classroom but also in the world around them, these students add immeasurable value to society by answering the call for leadership, scholarship, and service. It is through helping others that they empower their community, upholding integrity and reputation along the way.

Award applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a currently enrolled student expected to graduate in the 2022−23 academic year.
  • Exemplify a combination of outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service.
  • Rank academically in the upper 25 percent of their class.
  • Be a person of integrity and good reputation.
  • Manifest leadership in serving others through involvement in student organizations or volunteering in community settings.

Kiet’s journey to Loyola:

Born and raised in Vietnam. Kiet was attracted to Loyola University Chicago because of the world-renowned faculty in the physics department, the collaborative community on campus and undergraduate research opportunities.

Giving Back:

Kiet’s Loyola experience is rooted in gratitude. He was able to attend Loyola and pursue his scholarly interests thanks to numerous scholarship awards. The appreciation for the opportunity motivated to give back both in the community and on campus.

“I am grateful for everything Loyola Chicago has done for me,” said Kiet. “So, I try to give back by volunteering in the community and on campus.” 

During his time at Loyola, Kiet volunteered at a Rogers Park community kitchen, A Just Harvest, in addition to spending time working with the Cook Country Forest Preserve where he aided in clean-up efforts. On campus, he made it a point to be actively involved in Loyola’s physics club and devote time to tutoring other students in physics, applied mathematics and computer science.

Academic Highlights:

As a Theoretical Physics/ Applied Mathematics major, with a minor in computer science, Kiet developed scholarly interests in the areas of particle physics and cosmology. He was involved in two major undergraduate research projects as a Loyola student that focused in the areas of advanced laboratory design and the study of dark matter, specifically the formation of galaxies.   

Up Next:

Kiet will graduate in December 2022 with a degree in theoretical physics and applied mathematics. Heading into his final month as a Loyola undergraduate student, Kiet is weighing his options in terms of what’s next for him, either attend graduate school in the United States to enter into a PhD program or take a gap year to work before pursuing a master’s degree internationally.

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