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CAS in the media

WGN-9 quoted Criminal Justice and Criminology professor and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Art Lurigio in a piece on how social media is creating change in the workplace in the wake of women coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse, harassment and assault against men in positions of power.

College of Arts and Sciences faculty, staff, students, and alumni are often quoted and featured in local and national publications on a myriad of topics and issues.

February 2018

  • The Hill
    Presidents' Day and America's troubling nationalism
    Political science professor Peter Sanchez recently wrote an op-ed piece discussing America's nationalism and whether or not we want our presidents to speak honestly about problems we face in the U.S. 
  • The Chicago Sun Times
    Just Relations: Rohingya provide a snapshot of immigrant strength, resilience
    Theology and Modern Languages and Literatures Lecturer Omer M. Mozaffar called for a more welcoming stance toward immigrants in this opinion piece. He highlighted the Rohingya refugee community living near Devon Avenue as an example of the generosity and resilience of immigrants in America.
  • National Catholic Reporter
    Loyola's free e-textbook brings environmental ethics to classes worldwide
    Associate professor of theology Michael Schuck and Professor of Biology and founding Dean of Institute of Environmental Sustainability Nancy C. Tuchman were interviewed in this article about their free e-textbook, Healing Earth, and its use in classrooms around the world.

January 2018

  • Journal of Bacteriology
    Virsuses that infect bacteria abound in bladder
    Associate Professor of Bioinformatics Catherine Putonti, Microbiology Professor Alan Wolfe, and their undergraduate research team authored a report in this week’s Journal of Bacteriology. The report shares how phages—viruses that infect bacteria—are abundant in the bacteria that inhabit the female bladder, which may could be used as alternatives to antibiotics. The American Society for Microbiology that publishes the journals shared the Loyola research team’s findings.
  • The New York Times
    Reviving Old Lies to Unite a New Russia
    History Professor Michael Khodarkovsky recently wrote an op-ed piece analyzing the revival of old lies concerning the murder of Russia’s last czar and their implications in today's political climate. 
  • The New York Times
    Is President Trump a Stealth Postmodernist or Just a Liar?
    Philosophy professor Andrew Cutrofello was quoted in an article about the role of objective truth in the current political climate, and whether or not President Trump can be considered an embodiment of postmodernism.
  • WGN Radio Chicago
    Celebrate the beauty of bacteria
    Biology faculty member Hunter Cole discussed her latest art exhibit, “Living Light: Photographs by Light of Bioluminescent Bacteria,” and talked about the ways in which art and creativity are helpful for scientists. Two different versions of this segment aired on WGN-TV.

December 2017

November 2017

  • WGN-9
    Sexual harassment norms in the workplace are changing
    Criminal Justice and Criminology professor and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Art Lurigio was quoted in a piece how social media is creating change in the workplace in the wake of women coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse, harassment and assault against men in positions of power.

  • The Chicago Tribune
    After Trump's election, more students consider law school, hoping to make a difference
    Two Loyola students, Tiffany Boguslawski and Robert Baurley, who is the co-founder of Loyola's Pre-law Society were interviewed about The Trump Bump—how more students are considering law school, hoping to make a difference after the elections.

October 2017

  • The Washington Post
    The end of the conservative Republicans
    Associate Professor of History Michelle Nickerson and author of "Mothers of Conservatism: Women and the Postwar Right," wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post about the state of conservatism within the Republican party.
  • The New York Times
    When Soviets Launched Sputnik, CIA Was Not Surprised
    Russian History Professor, Michael Khodarkovsky, PhD, was recently quoted in the New York Times on the importance of the Russian Sputnik satellite as a tool for propaganda during the Cold War.
  • Rome Reports
    Pope Francis greets winners of the "Expanded Reason Awards"
    Theology Professor Michael Schuck, PhD, Founding Dean of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability Nancy Tuchman, PhD, traveled to the Vatican to accept the Expanded Reason Award in the teaching category for their work on the "Healing Earth" textbook. Along with their fellow awardees, they met with Pope Francis. Similar coverage appeared on EWTN.
  • Chicago Tonight
    Criminal Justice and Criminology professor and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Art Lurigio was featured on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight show about local officials reaction to the Las Vegas mass shootings. Lurigio was also interviewed for a story “This Immigrant Is Fighting Chicago Police Over Alleged Gang List Error” on Newsy about how the system of gang identification is flawed.

September 2017

  • CBS NEWS, Fortune Magazine, and The Atlantic magazine 
    Hugh Hefner, Founder of Playboy empire, dead at 91
    Associate History Professor Elizabeth Fraterrigo was featured in CBS Evening news, Fortune magazine and the Atlantic magazine, and other media outlets.  Fraterrigo wrote Playboy and the Making of the Good Life in Modern America and was interviewed after the passing of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner on Sept. 27.
  • WGBH.org
    Childhood Amnesia
    Psychology Professor Catherine Haden, PhD, was interviewed on WGBH (NPR) about the phenomenon known as "childhood amnesia," where memories formed during early childhood are forgotten.
  • America Magazine
    A Lutheran's love letter to Pope Francis
    Associate Professor of Theology Aana Marie Vigen, PhD, detailed her appreciation and admiration for Pope Francis in this op-ed and letter to the Pope.
  • WBEZ Chicago
    Chicago's Forgotten Civil War Prison Camp
    History Professor and public history graduate director, history Theodore Karamanski, PhD,  was quoted on WBEZ the significance of Camp Douglas, a Civil War era prisoner of war camp that was located in Chicago.
  • Columbia Chronicle
    Chicago monuments at heart of controversy
    History Professor Anthony Cardoza, PhD, was quoted in the Columbia Chronicle on how the current political climate is bolstering a movement for removing monuments such as the potential removal of a monument near Soldier Field memorializing Marshal Italo Balbo, a notorious military leader under former fascist Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini. 
  • Chicago Tribune
    Cook County's Social Worker for the dead helps the unclaimed find final resting places
    Loyola Sociology Alumna Rebecca Perrone is Cook County's first indigent coordinator, a role comparable to a social worker for the dead. Perrone talks about her work in the latest Chicago Tribune. 

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October 2016

  • Chicago Sun-Times
    Study exposes vicious cycle of community violence on youth
    Associate Professor of Psychology Noni K. Gaylord-Harden, Ph.D, was interviewed about a study that found that as black and brown teens are exposed to more community violence, their symptoms of depression subside and violent behaviors increase.

 August 2016

 July 2016

  • Harper’s Magazine
    The Cuban embargo continues
    Ignacio Ellacuria S.J., Chair in Social Ethics in the philosophy department Joy Gordon wrote about Americans’ perception of the Cuban embargo and how support for it has evolved over time.
  • NPR Illinois 
    Illinois Issues: Still Paying For Justice
    Loyola criminologist David Olson spoke about the effectiveness of parole and how probation officers’ time is best used.

September 2015