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2018 Sujack Awards

Each year, the Sujack Awards honor College of Arts and Sciences faculty members for their dedication to their profession. Whether they stand out through their teaching inside or outside the classroom, these faculty members are leading by example. This year’s ceremony was held on April 17, 2018. 

The 2018 Sujack winners are as follows:

This year's recipients for the Sujack Family Award for Faculty Research Excellence are Alice Weinreb, PhD, associate Professor of history and Heather Wheeler, PhD, assistant professor of Biology and Computer Science. This recognition provides continued faculty research and covers the costs of data acquisition, summer stipends, and research-related travel expenses.

Weinreb is a leading scholar in her fields of modern German history and food studies. In 2017, she completed three peer-reviewed articles and her first monograph, "Modern Hungers: Food and Power in Twentieth Century Germany." The groundbreaking book examines Germany's food economy over the twentieth century, and has been awarded the renowned Ernest Fraenkel Prize in Contemporary History. 

Wheeler studies gene regulation across populations and the broad goal of her research is to better understand how genetic variation leads to phenotypic variation of complex traits including disease susceptibility and drug response. In 2017, Wheeler was awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health in an effort to predict gene regulation across populations to understand mechanisms underlying complex traits. 

The awards for the Edwin T. and Vivijeanne F. Sujack Award for Teaching Excellence have been granted to Modern Languages & Literatures lecturer Sawsan Abbadi, PhD, and Associate Professor of Psychology Colleen Conley, PhD. 

Abbadi continually goes above and beyond for her students, and always makes herself available to help her students. "Dr. Abbadi truly embodies the Jesuit idea of higher education in her dedication to a quality of learning, immersive classroom experience, and a devotion to students that goes beyond the ordinary classroom experience," said Senior Uljana Sejko. 

Conley inspires her students on a daily basis by encouraging them to gain hands on experience in her labs and make the most of their Loyola experience, according to Junior Noor Abdelfattah. Abdelfattah said Conley understands that mistakes will be made and that it's part of the educational experience. She said Conley continually challenges and inspires her students and that it is evident she wants her students to succeed.

The Master Teacher Award recipients are:

 2018 Master Teachers Award:

  • Noah Butler, PhD, instructor of anthropology
  • Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz, PhD, associate professor of anthropology 
  • Stefan Kanzok, PhD, associate professor of biology
  • Robert Polak, PhD, advanced lecturer of physics 

 2018 Master Researchers:  

  • Miguel Ballicora, PhD, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry
  • Aidan Forth, PhD, associate professor of history
  • Lauren Langman, PhD, professor of sociology
  • Rhys Williams, professor of sociology 

For more information about the Sujack Awards, please visit LUC.edu/cas/thesujackawards