Loyola University Chicago

Catholic Studies


All students working toward a Catholic studies minor must attend three capstone seminars with the program director or a designated Catholic studies faculty member during the final semester of their senior year. Two capstone seminars involve making presentations to fellow seniors. The purpose of these two presentations is to create an informal context for students to explore and discuss the relationship between the Catholic intellectual and artistic traditions and their major field of study using various media, such as film, literature, theology, philosophy, poetry, autobiography, music, and development in the sciences. At the third capstone seminar, students will present their work to faculty members and a larger group of students participating in the Catholic studies minor.

2016 Senior Capstones

Guy Valponi
Teaching Religion in Contemporary Cultural Texts

Paul de Bord
Conversion Diaries: From Augustine to
Jennifer Fulwiler

Theodore McManigal
Cafeteria Catholicism and A Scriptural Reflection on The Church as Christ on Earth

Matthew Anderson
Every Choice is Binary:
A Mathematical View of Free Will

Joseph Carroll
Just Outside the Picture Frame:
the Role of Grace in Understanding Nature

Claire Soupene
About Her Departure: Wild Geese Calling

Ronald Amiscaray
Becoming WE AM

Emily Bajzek
A Past and Present Understanding of Self

Katie Melody
Sowing the Seed: Jesus of the Interwebs

Elizabeth Sextro
You are that water: now flow!

Maura Rocks
Prophets Among Us

Ann Burns
Compassion, Consolation, and Community:
The Catalysts of Transformative Education

Tyler Murphy
Our Transformation, Our Duty, Our Leverage within Society