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The 2016 John Courtney Murray, S.J. Forum: Being Millennial

The 2016 John Courtney Murray, S.J. Forum: Being Millennial

Thursday, April 7th
6-9 PM
Damen Den

What is a Millennial? Are they religious or spiritual? Innovative or spoiled? Narcissistic or altruistic? Are they plugged-in or isolated? The Millennial generation has been placed into opposing categories such as these by scholars and marketers, but few are asking who really gets to decide what a Millennial is. Fewer still are asking Millennials themselves these questions--and what it means to be part of the most studied generation of all time. After six months of dedicated work, the Catholic Studies Program and its minors are proud to announce that their third annual John Courtney Murray, SJ, Forum is all about Being Millennial. Students will share their research and reflections while engaging their peers in open conversation in what is fast becoming a signature LUC community event.  The JCM Forum is unique in that it is student-produced and student-led. It includes a wide variety of artistic, creative, and academic venues all organized to interrogate and debate the topic. The forum will have a film, musical and dance performances and a visual art gallery of LUC student work. There will be several student speakers giving TED-style talks throughout the evening and a panel of Millennial Loyolans will engage the community and take it deeper. Heavy appetizers and refreshments will be provided. All are invited to join the Catholic Studies Minor community in a shared exploration of Being Millennial."

The 2015 John Courtney Murray, S.J. Forum: Divinely Intended Tensions

The 2015 John Courtney Murray, S.J. Forum: Divinely Intended Tensions

Tuesday, 17 March 2015
6:00PM - 9:00PM
The Den, Damen Student Center
Lake Shore Campus, LUC

This event is free and open to the public.

Join the Catholic Studies minors on St. Patrick’s Day as we explore the “divinely intended tensions” present in the lives of Loyola students. The night will feature a short film, discussion on the intersectionality of identities, a personal address from Father James Martin, S.J., an art gallery, academic and personal testimonies, performative responses, free Irish food, and reflection. In true Irish Catholic fashion, we will begin with 5:15 PM Mass in Madonna Della Strada Chapel, continue with our program in the Damen Den from 6:00PM-9:00PM, and conclude in Ireland’s Lounge. Join us for the entire night or stop in at any point. All are welcome.‚Äč

The John Courtney Murray, S.J. Forum is the Catholic Studies Minor's flagship event. The forum is unique in that it is student organized and features interdisciplinary submissions that reach across media platforms. Each year the forum explores a new focus with the goal of placing the Catholic intellectual tradition into the public sphere so that it converses directly with contemporary culture.

The 2014 John Courtney Murray, SJ Forum: Disposable Culture and Our World Today

The 2014 John Courtney Murray, SJ Forum: Disposable Culture and Our World Today

Monday, 31 March 2014
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Schmidt Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)
Damen Student Center, Lake Shore Campus


The John Courtney Murray, SJ Forum:
Disposable Culture and Our World Today

This first-ever student-run event provides undergraduates with an opportunity to share ideas, engage in debate and discussion, and grow in both knowledge and compassion by delving deeply into the topic of throw-away culture as it relates to life in 2014.

All are welcome to attend! Contact Dr. Michael Murphy (mmurphy23@luc.edu) for more details.

Schedule of Events for The John Courtney Murray, SJ Forum:

9:20-10:10 "Stained Glass"

Catholic Studies Minors studying abroad in El Salvador, Italy, and China will Skype in to talk about Beauty philosophically and as they have seen it on their adventures

10:25-11:45 "Word Made Trash"

Three students present on the disposal of literature, ideas and ultimately people in "The Provenance Project", "Would Flannery O'Connor Write a Blog?" and "Scenes from my Newsfeed"

12:00-1:25 "Breaking Bread" Please join us for the noon Mass at Madonna della Strada Chapel on campus followed by a student-led reflection and lunch.

1:40-2:30 "Taste and See" A chemistry student teaches us tools to evaluate chemicals in consumer products and a biology student calls us to use science responsibly in research

2:45-3:35 "No Room at the Inn" Three students debate about the topic of gentrification led by the president of Loyola Coalition for the Homeless who will present the Rent Ethically, Act Locally campaign and its effects in Rogers Park

3:50-5:00 "The Invisible through the Visible" Students present songs, dance, film, theatre, and fine art that examine our topic of disposable culture from their unique, artistic lenses