Jesuits and Sports: Historical Perspectives and Resources for our Times

Jesuits and Sports: Historical Perspectives and  Resources for our Times

Catholic Minds, Catholic Matters Lecture Series Sports

A lecture by Fr. Patrick Kelly, S.J. Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Seattle University.

Thursday, January 31

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Coffey Hall, McCormick Lounge

Loyola University Chicago

Fr. Kelly's groundbreaking book Catholic Perspectives on Sports: From Medieval to Modern Times provides opportunities to discover new insights on the contributions of Catholic thought and its relevance to sports today.

In a review of Fr. Kelly's book, Loyola University Chicago's Athletics Department Head Chaplain  Fr. Stefano del Bove noted the text is like "taking a journey across different historical times and geographical areas all the while reflecting on the role of the Catholic vision of sports in the building of modern European societies and American democracy. In this process we see  the full integration of sports in humanistic education, especially in its eminent version represented by the Jesuit school system. Fr. Kelly  shows just how critical a role the Jesuits played in promoting sports on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean."

Fr. del Bove appreciates Fr. Kelly's project in developing a spirituality of sport by observing that "this research focuses on elements that belong to a common Christian background as well as to specific contributions of the Catholic spirit. Indeed, many interesting pages describe the appreciation of the human being as a complete spirit, body and soul, pitted against the narrow heretical perspectives and theological controversies popularized from the end of the classical age to the rising of the modern age. We learn about the anthropology of St. Thomas and the epistemology of Nicholas of Cusa as important players in the theory of sports." 

Fr. Kelly's work makes a fresh contribution to an exciting field and his lecture appealed to a broad community--sports fans and scholars alike.

Lecture attendees had an opportunity to meet the author and purchase the book.

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