Video Available| Loyola’s CATH 296 Students Sponsor Virtual Gala for RISE: Refugees In Schools Everywhere

Video Available| Loyola’s CATH 296 Students Sponsor Virtual Gala for RISE: Refugees In Schools Everywhere
(suggested donation: $10)
Join RISE founder Ann Strandoo, Hank Center Director Michael P. Murphy, and students from CATH 296 at a gala event like no other! We invite students and non-students alike to join us as refugees in our community near and far share their stories. Keeping in mind the hallmarks of the Catholic intellectual and social tradition, including the necessity of personal reflection and a faith that does justice, we want to bring awareness to the lives of the most vulnerable around us and their struggles, so as to build friendship and support growth. The event will also feature remarks from Father James Martin, SJ; a performance from the International Orchestra of Refugees, and a special Examen.
This event is free and open to the general public with a suggested donation of $10. The Gala is designed to get Eyes on Rise-- and all proceeds will go to the non-profit organization Refugees In Schools Everywhere (RISE). Registration is required and please click the registration link above to register now! If you can donate more than $10, we are most grateful; and if you can’t give at this time, that is fine too. Your presence and attention to this issue is much appreciated – please spread the word!
Who we are:
We are the students of CATH 296, All Things Ignatian: Living and Learning in the Jesuit Tradition. We were inspired by the stories of RISE student worker Chantale Zuzi and RISE founder Ann Strandoo to create a gala event where we could make friends with students from around the world, raise awareness about the plight of young people, and raise funds for RISE so we can help provide refugees in Kenya with high quality education.
What we do and why we do it:
Our country was built by many people coming together from different parts of the world-- built by immigrants and refugees. We think that is what makes America so great. This project to help refugees in Kenya was started "for students, with students" in our CATH 296 course, "All Things Ignatian: Living and Learning in the Jesuit Tradition." We know, as students who live in a wealthy country, that college is a privilege afforded to very few. We acknowledge how lucky we are that we don’t have to worry about our basic needs such as our safety and security, food and clothes, or housing. We want to expand the table. 
After hearing the story of Chantale Zuzi, a refugee student worker from Congo, our class was inspired to host a gala event to bring awareness to the stories of refugees both at home (in and around the Loyola community) and abroad (through stories like Chantale’s). We are motivated by the idea of "by students, with students" as our first hope is friendship. Our virtual gala event will raise money to support the non-profit Refugees In Schools Everywhere (RISE) and help refugees to continue their education. We want to do our part and make the dream of getting an education a reality for some of the most vulnerable people in the world.