Loyola University Chicago

Center for Criminal Justice

CCJ Mission

The Center’s mission is to promote fair, informed, effective and ethical approaches to criminal justice policy and practice through collaborative interdisciplinary research and evaluation, professional leadership development, and targeted projects designed to bring about systemic improvements in Illinois’ criminal justice system. 

The Center’s work will focus on and advance four specific and interrelated goals: 

  • Improve the quality of knowledge and practice in the criminal justice field;

  • Motivate and support policy reform efforts;

  • Carry out targeted reform initiatives; and

  • Provide an institutional home for sustained criminal justice research, education and reform.

For more information about the Center’s inclusion in Loyola’s Plan 2020, see:  Loyola's 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan

For more information about the Center’s launch, see: CCJ Article in Loyola Law