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Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy and Practice
Loyola University Chicago
25 East Pearson, Suite 1116
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-915-7876

CCJ Co-Director
Diane Geraghty, JD
Kathleen Beazley Chair in ChildLaw, Professor of Law, and Director, Civitas ChildLaw Center
Phone: 312-915-7155

CCJ Co-Director
David Olson, Ph.D.
Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology Department and Director, Graduate Program in Criminal Justice and Criminology
Phone:  312-915-7563

CCJ Program Manager
Lisa S. Jacobs, JD
Loyola University Chicago, School of Law
25 E. Pearson, Suite 1116, Chicago IL  60611
Phone:  312-915-7876