Loyola University Chicago

Center for Criminal Justice

Directors Welcome

We are pleased to welcome you to Loyola’s new interdisciplinary Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy and Practice (CCJ).  The Center is an outgrowth of Loyola’s strategic plan that commits the university to building a more just, humane and sustainable world. 

There is a growing national consensus that the American criminal justice system has reached a point where reforms are needed in order to respond more effectively to the needs of individuals and communities affected by crime and violence.  These improvements must be based on principles of social justice, empirical evidence and more thorough and objective analyses of criminal justice policy and practice. 

Loyola and similar institutions of higher learning can play a critical role in this effort.  They have the talent and tools to develop new researched-based insights into the problems of crime, a culture that fosters innovation and leadership, and the expertise and capacity to help policy-makers and practitioners find workable solutions to real-world problems. 

Key strategies of the Center will focus on sound research, policy analysis and training, as well as specialized projects aimed at improving Illinois’ criminal justice system.  The design and implementation of these strategies will be carried out by faculty and students from across Loyola’ s schools and departments in collaboration with public and private partners, including policy makers and justice-system practitioners.

We are excited by the opportunity to contribute to Loyola’s long-standing commitment to social justice and hope that you will consider partnering with us in this vital endeavor.

Diane Geraghty, JD                           
David Olson, PhD

For more information about the Center, see our program brochure.