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Center for Criminal Justice


Stopping “Crossover” from Childhood Maltreatment to Delinquency and Criminal Justice Involvement

CCJ Program Manager Lisa Jacobs presented a session at the Illinois Judicial Education Conference on April 4th to provide Illinois judges with research, data and practice models for improving outcomes and public safety when youth become “dually involved” in child welfare and juvenile justice (delinquency) systems.  The Education Conference is convened by the Illinois Supreme Court to provide a wide range of judicial education and skill development resources for the state’s associate, circuit and appellate judges. 

Ms. Jacobs provided a research profile of dually involved youth and the pathways from maltreatment or neglect to delinquency system involvement and future criminal justice involvement.  She also presented the system improvement framework developed by the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corp National Resource Center to assist courts in reducing reoffending, improving youth and family outcomes and addressing the complex issues arising when youth are dually involved.   

For more information about the RFK National Resource Center and the Dual Status Youth Practice Model, see http://www.rfkchildren.org/our-work/rfknrcjj/