Loyola University Chicago

Center for Criminal Justice

Specialized Coursework and Student Research

University 102 Course: Chiraq? Crime and Justice in Chicago:

The Center offers a UNIV 102 course to provide freshman a more sophisticated and objective understanding of the extent and nature of crime in the Chicagoland area. This course will expose students to the study of criminology and criminal justice through the discussion of current news stories from the Chicagoland area, balanced with an overview of the empirical approach used, to allow students to better understand issues related to crime and the operations of the justice system. The goal of the course is to make students aware of how issues regarding crime and criminal justice influence their perceptions of safety and fairness, and the different intellectual disciplines and professions that are related to understanding and responding effectively to crime and violence. 

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Research Experience for Master’s (REM) Programs Fellowship:

The integration of research and teaching is an integral part of the transformative education experience at Loyola University Chicago. The purpose of the REM program is to provide master’s students the opportunity to engage in a mentored research experience that provides intellectual depth and breadth along with a capacity to think critically and reason analytically.  Criminal Justice and Criminology graduate student Anthony Buccola was awarded a REM fellowship from Loyola’s Graduate School for the Spring 2016 semester to examine the impact and relationship of media coverage of heroin on criminal penalties in Illinois over the past two decades. Under the mentorship of faculty and staff in the Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy and Practice, Anthony’s research will provide additional insight into how criminal justice policy making evolves and is developed.

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