Collaborating with Loyola in Mission and in Education

   Benefits of Partnership

The Center for Experiential Learning is constantly looking for new community partners whose organizational mission is coherent with that of Loyola University and with whom Loyola students and faculty can collaborate through service-learning, internship, undergraduate research, and off-campus federal work-study opportunities.  Current research has documented numerous benefits for organizations that partner with university-based experiential learning programs:

  • Students meet specific needs of community organizations and help complete projects for community benefit
  • University cooperation aids in community’s efforts to address social issues and problems
  • Involvement in the life of a university helps community partners receive needed publicity about their needs and services
  • Participation in co-education of college students exposes and teaches communities about emerging generations of students and community leaders
  • Involvement in experiential education programs helps community partners establish access and connections to other resources available at the university
  • Engagement with students provides an opportunity for a community to shape students' values and to prepare students for civic participation and engagement after graduation.

Community engagement also benefits students in numerous ways, enhancing their academic learning and understanding of subject matter with "real world" experiences, deepening their sense of personal efficacy and identity, and cultivating important critical thinking, moral reasoning, and citizenship skills.

   Establishing a Partnership with Loyola

Agencies interested in collaborating with Loyola as community partners through any or all of the CEL's programs should follow the following procedure:

  1. Contact the CEL to inquire about establishing a relationship with Loyola University Chicago or diversifying that relationship to include partnership with the CEL and its programs.
  2. If your agency's mission, opportunities, and needs seem appropriate for Loyola students, CEL staff will arrange a date and time for a visit of your site(s).  Prepare for this visit by studying CEL's website and reflecting on the opportunities your organization's assets and needs might provide to Loyola students and faculty involved in CEL's various programs
  3. During the site visit, discuss your organization's interests and needs with CEL staff, including the possible role(s) Loyola students and faculty may play at your organization.  Make a mutual agreement with the CEL staff about the nature and limits of your partnership with Loyola.
  4. After the site visit, read (and, if necessary, sign and return) any paperwork given you by CEL staff.
  5. Depending on the nature of your partnership with Loyola, CEL staff may contact you to set up follow up meetings, either with other members of the CEL staff or with other interested parties at Loyola.

CEL staff will establish an account for you/your organization on Loyola's RamblerLink system, an interactive online resource which CEL and Loyola's Career Development Center use to connect students, faculty, and community partners for experiential learning and employment opportunities.  Carefully follow all instructions to post your organization and position descriptions on RamblerLink.  You can also post short-term or urgent opportunities on the CEL's "Hotlist" Tumblr, which sends out social media updates to those students who follow us on our various social media outlets.