Before including digital files in your learning portfolio that are not your own original work, be sure to familiarize yourself with copyright laws and policies. You may need to request permission or include proper citation when including or referencing images, data, links, and other files in your portfolio.

Loyola University Chicago has several copyright resources available to you, including:

Creative Commons

It is not always easy finding images, videos, and music that is not protected under copyright and open for public use. Below we have provided a list of tips and tricks for finding fair-use media to protect yourself form violating copyright laws and to respect the work of others.

How to Search Fair-Use Media Specifically:

  • Youtube—After searching for the video/song of your choice click "Filters" in the upper left corner and select "Creative Commons" to search fair-use videos
  • Google Images—After clicking search, select "Search Tools," click "Usage Rights" and pick "Labeled for reuse" or "Labeled for use with modification" if you want to edit the image
  • Soundcloud—After clicking search, select "To modify commercially" in the left panel and pick the option that applies to your folio

Cites with Public Domain Media: