What is our digital identity?

It is our online self. We often think of our digital identity as separate from our physical "real world" self but in reality they are connected.

The technology we use nearly every hour of the day allows us to switch between different life roles in rapid succession. We are playing "son or daughter" when messaging our parents, we are playing "socialite" when posting pictures on Facebook, we are playing "professional" when looking at LinkedIn, and we are playing "student" when emailing our professors and doing homework. Our technology permits us to be everywhere at once, but it can also leave us feeling "uprooted" and it can be challenging to figure out how to combine each of these roles together into one person.

This is what learning portfolios are all about. They are about taking all the different life events, experiences, and seemingly scattered life roles, reflecting on how they impact you as a whole person, and combining them into one portfolio of you.