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How to Submit an Assignment-

Step 1) Once your artifacts are on the page and you’re ready to submit your work, go to the top right hand menu of your portfolio, select the drop down and "PUBLISH ALL PAGES" you wish to turn in by making sure the circles are checked in GREEN.

**You must publish changes every time your portfolio is updated or the viewer will not see any changes.**

 Step 2) Once your page/s are published, go back to that same top right menu, click SUBMIT AN ASSIGNMENT, and choose the assignment you are turning in one at a time for each section.

Step 3) Once selected, the page will advance to the submission page, select the page/s you’re submitting to the program by clicking the check box, making sure it’s highlighted in GREEN, and click “publish and submit”.

**any changes made after this action Steps 1-3 must be recompleted to update any changes to your submissions.**

For further assistance follow the link here: https://support.digication.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000074591-Submitting-your-ePortfolio-to-an-Assignment

Or email learningportfolio@luc.edu