There are currently 54 portfolio projects coordinated by the Learning Portfolio Program both at the undergraduate and graduate level. The following is a comprehensive account of where learning portfolios are embedded and integrated within academic programs at the University. 

32 Projects in Undergraduate Colleges, Programs, and Courses

  • BSAD 220: Career Preparation 
  • Center for Experiential Learning Courses: EXPL 290, 291, 390, and 393
  • Career Services Partnership with Professional Portfolios
  • Classical Studies
  • Comm 101: Public Speaking and Critical Thinking
  • Criminal Justice Department
  • Dance Major
  • Early Childhood Education Program
  • Engaged Learning Requirement (University-wide)
  • ENVS 338: Human Health and Climate Change
  • ENVS 350b: STEP Biogas
  • FNAR 392: Senior Thesis II
  • GIST Capstone
  • History Department
  • Leadership Studies Minor
  • Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP)
  • Lourdes Pilgrimage in France
  • MARK 390: Marketing Strategies 
  • Modern Languages and Literatures Department
  • Philosophy Department
  • SOCL 127: Social Analysis-Social Action, service-learning
  • SOCL 206: Principles of Social Research 
  • SOCL 252: Global Inequalities
  • SOCL 261: Social Movements and Social Change
  • Theology and Religious Studies Majors
  • UCSF 137: Scientific Basis of Environmental Issues
  • UNIV 101: First-Year Seminar
  • UNIV 101: Rome Program Section
  • UNIV 102 courses 
  • UNIV 201: Transfer Seminar
  • UNIV 112: Learning Strategies
  • UNIV 190: Service and Social Justice

15 Projects in Graduate Programs and Graduate-level Courses

  • Catholic Principal Preparation Program
  • Cultural and Educational Policy Studies Masters Graduate Program
  • ELPS 429: Experiential Learning
  • ELPS 430: Curriculum and Instruction
  • Higher Education Masters Graduate Program
  • Institute for Pastoral Studies (8 different portfolio projects)
  • International Higher Education
  • Suburban Competency  

6 Projects in the School of Medicine Programs and Courses

  • Advanced Practitioner Nursing
  • Bioethics Honors Program
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Masters in Professional Development Milestone
  • PhD Professional Development Milestone
  • RN to BSN Program

Current Collaborations in Progress  

  • Arabic capstone and engaged learning course
  • Engaged Learning courses
  • Public Health Program
  • Residential Learning Community Courses
  • School of Education
  • Sociology Major Capstone
  • UCWR 110: Writing Responsibly

If you are interested in learning more about how portfolios can be embedded into your course or program, please contact Learning Portfolio Program Manager, Brody Tate at btate@luc.edu.  


Learning Portfolio Assignment Examples

The following are examples from instructors who have used learning portfolios in their respective courses to assist students in critical reflection and the integration of learning across course concepts and outside-of-classroom experiences. 

SOCL 252: Global Inequalities - Professor Stéphanie Jean-Baptiste

Find the learning portfolio assignment description here: SOCL 252 Assignment Description. ‌

Examples of student portfolios created can be found below. 

 Kelly Amanda Sylwia

EXPL 390: Organizational Change and Community Leadership

Find the learning portfolio assignment description here (note: it is embedded into a portfolio template students can download): 


Examples of student portfolios created can be found below. 

Kaylynn Sahi Sarah

EXPL 390: Social Justice Internship 

Find the learning portfolio assignment description here: EXPL 390 SJI Final Assignment

 Examples of student portfolios created can be found below. 

Ellie Molly