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What is Service-Learning?

Service-learning is experiential learning that connects classroom content to community action. It provides an opportunity for you to make the most out of your academic experience...while making a difference.  Service-learning is a high impact learning practice that takes you beyond our campus and into Chicago‚Äôs communities in partnership with community-based organizations. 

All Loyola undergraduates are required to complete at least one Engaged Learning course totaling at least three credit hours prior to graduation. All approved service-learning courses fufill the Engaged Learning requirement.

In a service-learning course, students are asked to serve at least 20 hours in a community setting that connects meaningfully with course content. Students are expected to complete assignment(s) that demonstrate learning connections between the classroom and community.

The Center for Experiential Learning serves as a resource for students in all aspects of the service-learning process.  Whether you are trying to decide which course is right for you, find an appropriate volunteer position in connection with a service-learning class, or looking to publish and share the results of your community-engaged coursework, the CEL is here to help! Most of our student resources can be found on our Center for Experiential Learning student resource site.

For more information, check our frequently asked questions about service-learning at Loyola.