Learn more about some of our current Social Justice Interns, their work, and what they're learning from the experience.‌

Abigail Alvarez

Catholic Charities Immigration & Naturalization


I am an intern for the Immigration and Naturalization Program at Catholic Charities. This program provides assistance to immigrants who are currently seeking legal assistance in their immigration process. As an intern, I have been assisting victims of domestic violence and assault by writing and translating their personal statements. These statements are crucial to their application because they determine whether the applicant obtains legal status or not. I am also in charge of reviewing cases and making sure that prior documentation (police reports and applications) reflects the new documentation. I work alongside very skilled lawyers, who have kindly guided me throughout the whole immigration process. The opportunity of working with Catholic Charities has given me new insight on the career pathway that I want to pursue. I am deeply thankful for this program, and I look forward to continuing to advocate for each and every one of the applicants.

 Anna Alexander

ONE Northside Membership & Training

 My name is Anna Alexander and I am a current senior at Loyola. I have a major in Advocacy and Social Change with minors in Political Science and Black World Studies. Through the Social Justice Internship, I was paired with ONE Northside.  Some of my other duties making reminder calls for events my organization has and listening in on meetings regarding the city council. During my internship, I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work such as creating zoom meetings, taking notes, conducting spreadsheets, and data entry work. Through this position, I have had the opportunity to work hands-on with the organization with their campaigning, which has allowed me to get a lot of political experience. This internship has also allowed me to use a lot of the tools that I have learned through my communications classes and apply them to real-world experiences. Additionally, I have the opportunity to work with the ONS Police Accountability program.

Eleanor Friel

Girl Forward Education

As the education intern at GirlForward I am learning how the tutoring program works and preparing for GirlForward's summer camp.  I've learned how to facilitate group zoom sessions, tutor girls. participate in all-staff meetings, the logistics of organizing a tutoring program and summer camp curriculum, and how to support my supervisor, coworkers, and fellow interns. This internship has greatly improved my professional teamwork and communication skills and expanded my worldview. I especially love the culture of GirlForwards' space, because it is a women-led organization where everyone is encouraged to advocate for themselves, to share their ideas, to prioritize their health, and to feel supported by the rest of the team. This is my first internship and I feel so lucky to be a part of an organization that, in my opinion, supports some of the most important and incredible people in our community: young refugee/immigrant women. I want to continue learning from my supervisor and coworkers about how to be a supportive and valuable team member, and learning from the girls about their unique perspectives as immigrant women in Chicago and how to be a good ally. 

Marce Garza

Catholic Charities Communication

 I have had the opportunity to join the communications team at Catholic Charities where I am able to provide help and support with different projects such as social media campaigns, external communications resources, webpages, photos, and brochures. In addition, I help manage the social media accounts of Catholic Charities and work on promoting events and distributing information to increase our social outreach. Working at Catholic Charities has been an amazing experience that has helped me grow in my personal and professional career. I love working in a place where people’s passion for helping others is their sole motivation. Being at Catholic Charities has shown me the importance of kindness, empathy, and service. The communications team has guided and taught me with patience and compassion, inspiring me to sway my actions with that same motivation to help others.

Jillian Green

Girl Foward Communications

 I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Film & Media Production. I am Communications Intern at GirlForward where I do create graphics on Canva and do research for the educational post on GirlForward’s Instagram. My personal project at GirlForward is to create YouTube Channel for the non-profit so they can expand their social network and influence. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being an intern at GirlForward as all the staff and board there are women and are very welcoming to me. I love getting to learn from everyone there and see how non-profits are run especially by predominantly women. The office space is very unique and comforting, so I always look forward to working in person. Working at GirlForward has really enlightened me to the experiences of refugees and immigrant women. I’ve learned ways I can support and be a good ally to refugees so they can have equal access to opportunities Americans do. Overall, I’m very pleased to have had GirlForward be the first place I interned at as it’s made me feel comfortable with working with others and learn how to build community with people of different backgrounds than me. 


Angelica Luszcz

Girl Forward Mentoring Program

I am incredibly lucky to be working with GirlForward in the Mentoring Program. The Mentoring Program pairs a high school girl with an adult woman, forming a friendship and support system. Through this program, GirlForward looks to discuss and improve what they call the mentees’ 4 W's: wellness, wisdom, wallet, and world. Currently, I am working on updating databases with accurate information, ensuring that there is clear and easy communication between mentors and mentees. This information also helps GirlForward to empathically and equitably assess how to enhance these mentor/mentee relationships, considering and valuing each part of their identity and background. I also have had the opportunity to tutor at GirlForward, helping the girls with their assignments and promoting their academic confidence and journey. I am proud to be a part of GirlForward as they serve girls who identify as refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers.

Mashwa Nadeem

FORA Family/School Partnerships

I work at FORA as a data management and family school partnership (FSPP) intern is to work with administrative staff to input grades for student weekly grade checks and use academic platforms like Casebook and STAR assessments to organize student logistics onto excel sheets. As a member of the family school partnership program, I translate heavily on school documentation for FORA families which includes their child’s grades, ongoing school matters, and parent portal concerns. In addition to these tasks, I tutor one-on-one once a week. Each student is given iPads and individualized learning plans. IPads provide access to built-in educational apps like Kindle, Newsela, and Aleks. These applications help guide tutors and students to focus on work that is not only school oriented but master weak subject areas outside of classroom. At FORA, the students are the spotlight, and I can say that I feel honored to see children who are proactively excited to learn even during afterschool hours. I have enjoyed connecting with staff members who are always giving me career advice and have become a gateway for me to form professional connections.


Kishan Patel

Misericordia Developmental Training
I am Kishan, the Developmental Training intern at Misericordia. During my year here, I have been able to have the chance to work alongside residents with a range of developmental disabilities to help them meet their goals, supplement their education, and have fun with them! Many of my new friends are dependent on have a safe and nourishing environment to facilitate their upbringing, and by recognizing that need, we, at Misericordia, have been able to provide that care in a variety of ways. Additionally, I have been able to understand the importance of being able to engage with neuroatypical populations outside of Mis, such as at work as an EMT and furthermore, to continue to do so on my trek to become a physician and ally for the population.

Avery Robbins

Girl Forward Development
I am currently fortunate to serve as the development intern at GirlForward! My work largely deals with organizing donor databases, brainstorming innovative ways to fundraise, and working directly and indirectly with program donors to strengthen their relations with the organization. Additionally, I have engaged in various research methodologies to learn how we can more effectively target existing donors in hopes of increasing their donations for the next fiscal year. I am currently doing a lot of data cleanup and creative planning in preparation for GirlForward’s annual appeal. Overall, working for GirlFoward is immensely rewarding. I am serving a beautiful and diverse group of young women who identify as asylum seekers, refugees, or immigrants looking to enhance their opportunities in the United States. When I go into work, interacting with the girls/program participants instantly brings a smile to my face, and I feel lucky knowing that I am contributing to this mission of enhancing their opportunities. The staff I have met and gotten to work with are equally as awesome as the girls, and I cannot wait to continue my work with the organization.

Rohan Sethi

Misericordia Personal Effectiveness Program

As a personal effectiveness program (PEP) intern at Misericordia, I have had the opportunity to design and implement engaging programs that foster leisure and communication skill development. I have shadowed behavior analysts to understand how applied behavior analysis (ABA) can provide insight into the residents’ needs and determine support program placement. I have also assisted in running a morning coffee club program for a group of residents during which I implement a wide variety of leisure activities such as board games, reading, music, and breakfast preparations. Finally, I have worked with individual residents in implementing creative leisure activities such as creating short films and writing short stories that help residents learn soft skills necessary to engage in society. Through this internship, I have developed meaningful relationships with residents, as well as understand and learn how to dismantle the social injustices and prejudices that individuals with disabilities face