"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."

—Jackie Robinson

The Loyola University Community Engagement Award for Impact is given to the student who participated in a service-learning or academic internship course and who most clearly represents the university’s values of impacting both individuals and society.

The Impact Award is presented to the student who has clearly had a positive and lasting impact on individuals, organizations, and communities through their service-learning experience or academic internship. Impact can reveal itself in many ways from personal transformation to increased delivery of critical services and support and/or to increased capacity of an individual/organization to expand their ability to do good in the world.

The following criteria will guide selection for the Impact Award:

  • The student nominee made clear, consistent, and cogent connections between course content and the engaged learning experience.

  • The student nominee had an important role in a project that impacted the community in a substantive way and met or exceeded expectations for a student volunteer in the project.

  • The project engages questions and issues that are clearly a priority concern for the individual/organization/community.

Nominations for the Community Engagement Award for Impact are due by Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 11:59 pm CT and may be completed below. Nominations may be submitted by a faculty member or community partner organization. Upon receipt of the initial nomination, the student nominee and faculty member/community partner (the individual not submitting the initial nomination) will be asked to submit additional information about the student’s experience.

Nominations can be submitted here.

2021 Recipient

Molly Kaiser

"Molly is unique for her age that she seems to grasp the big picture of the overall organization's success and needs, and how small (and sometimes tedious) tasks fit into that larger scope. She has participated wholeheartedly in all projects that have been presented to her, including some arts administration workshops that we have been holding. She always follows up to make sure she is contributing to the overall success of the team." 

-Erin Warner Prange, Executive Director, The Big Muddy Dance Company