“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”

—Cornel West

The Loyola University Community Engagement Award for Social Justice is given to the student who participated in a service-learning course or academic internship course and who most clearly represents the university’s values of the pursuit of social justice.

The Community Engagement Award for Social Justice will be presented to the student who represents an active and ongoing pursuit of social justice from both activist and academic perspectives. This commitment is shown through a student’s work creating or significantly supporting a project dealing with larger social justice issues at the community partner site.

The following criteria will guide selection for the Social Justice Award:

  • The student nominee made clear, consistent, and cogent connections between course content, the engaged learning experience, and social structures and issues.

  • The student nominee had an important role in a project that sought to address a social injustice and met or exceeded expectations for a student volunteer in the project.

  • The project examined root causes and addressed issues of race, class, gender, and/or other manifestations of power.

Nominations for the Community Engagement Award for Social Justice are due by Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 11:59 pm CT and may be completed below. Nominations may be submitted by a faculty member or community partner organization. Upon receipt of the initial nomination, the student nominee and faculty member/community partner (the individual not submitting the initial nomination) will be asked to submit additional information about the student’s experience.

Nominations can be submitted here.

2021 Recipients

Caitlin Dyer

"The desire to continuously learn, evolve, and grow is one of Dyer’s greatest strengths and she is evidently practiced in it. Dyer approached us as a sponge and she has put in significant effort to soak up as much new information as possible in her short time with us. Upon her exit, she created her own feedback form for us to complete and return to her so she could continue to grow from her experience with us. She also specifically requested resources on how to continue her racial equity education on her own, so she can grow to better serve the community. I am excited and encouraged to see what Dyer and who she reaches in the coming years." 

- Rebecca Burcher, Education and Community Engagement Coordinator, GroundWorks DanceTheater