A learning portfolio (ePortfolio) is a digital collection of student’s work, reflections, and educational experiences that demonstrate a student’s work over time, featuring skills, abilities, values, and experiences. Because of their hard work, the CELTS has established three awards: Creativity and Innovation, Critical Reflection, and Social Justice. Each of the following learning portfolio awards will be awarded to an undergraduate student or group of students who cultivated and curated a portfolio throughout a program or academic course at Loyola University Chicago during the academic year. Nominations are submitted by faculty and staff. These awards will be presented following the Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium held from Tuesday, April 19 through Sunday, April 24, 2022.

Each portfolio will be reviewed and evaluated based on the four learning outcomes below as well as the overlapping award categories

Portfolio Learning Outcomes:

  1. Synthesize learning from experience through reflection, applying outside the classroom learning with inside the classroom learning.
  2. Critically reflect upon intellectual, personal, professional, and civic learning within the context of the student experience at Loyola.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and values acquired through reflecting on their experiences.
  4. Articulate connections to Social Justice and the Jesuit Mission of Loyola.

Learning Portfolio Award Categories:

Creativity and Innovation

Students will have demonstrated unique and creative ways to connect the learning outcomes above and to their cultivated experiences and reflections within their learning portfolio. This can be showcased in different methods of visual representation, artifacts, unique connections/topics.

Critical Reflection

Students receiving this award will have demonstrated and cultivated a deep and profound understanding of experiences in and out of the classroom as they reflect and connect on their experiences through a critical lens. Experiences could include but not me limited to internships, leaderships opportunities, research, trips abroad, and many more.

Social Justice

Students receiving this award will have demonstrated, throughout their portfolio, a deep understanding and commitment to Social Justice, Ignatian pedagogy and the Jesuit Mission of Loyola University Chicago.


Nominations for the Learning Portfolio Awards are due by Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 11:59 pm CT and may be completed here. Nominations may be submitted by a faculty or staff member. Upon receipt of the initial nomination, the student nominee and faculty/staff member (the individual not submitting the initial nomination) will be asked to submit additional information about the student’s experience. 

2021 Recipients:

Learning Portfolio Award for Creativity and Innovation:

Lucy Jaffar, Senior Dance Major '21 

Learning Portfolio Award for Critical Reflection:

Alessandra Miglietti, Senior Dance Major '21

Learning Portfolio Award for Social Justice:

Masha Bandouil, Senior Dance Major '21