The Outstanding Loyola Undergraduate Research Award has been established to honor Loyola undergraduates who conduct exceptional research, articulate their research to others, and enhance Loyola’s reputation as a quality research university by integrating research into their academic learning experience.

Each year at the Undergraduate Research & Engagement Symposium, LUROP will grant multiple awards, and recipients will each receive $500. The awards will be selected based upon three factors: 1) a letter of nomination from the student’s mentor, 2) a research statement from the student reflecting on their research experience, and 3) the student’s submission to the symposium, either a poster or an oral presentation.


  • Any Loyola undergraduate who conducted research during the Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 terms qualifies. A student does not need to be a LUROP Fellow to be considered.
  • Undergraduate researchers who wish to be considered must have conducted work under a mentor or supervisor, who will submit the initial nomination. 

Nomination Form

Please submit nominations for outstanding undergraduate research through this form by Sunday, March 20, 2022 by 11:59 pm CT. Please contact Kevin Kaufmann, Undergraduate Research Program Manager, with any questions. 

Selection Process

  • Mentor nominations for 2021-2022 are due Sunday, March 20, 2022 by 11:59 pm CT.
  • Nominated students will be notified, and must submit a research statement by Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 11:59 pm CT.
  • Finalists will be asked to submit either their research poster or the text and/or media components of their oral presentation for final consideration.

2021 Recipients

Masha Bandouil

Mentor: Amy Wilkinson, Senior Lecturer Fine and Performing Arts

“Masha has been an exemplary student who has pursued numerous opportunities to generate knowledge in the service of others. She so clearly embodies the values of the Loyola Dance Program and the mission of the University and has demonstrated her pursuit of excellence through rigorous and unique undergraduate research projects that involve numerous collaborators and serve her community.”

Natalia Zielinski

Mentor: Elizabeth Wakefield, Assistant Professor of Psychology

“Natalia is one of the strongest students in my lab. She has developed skills in all areas of  the research process through her work on her two honors projects, as well as numerous other lab  studies to which she has contributed.”

Anna Bakas

Mentor: Eric Chan-Tin, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

“She is able to parse and analyze the collected data for useful insights about the research. She is not afraid to try new things and draw different graphs to better present the results. This inquisitive mind is part of what makes a great researcher.”

Audrey Harris

Mentor: Tracy DeHart, Associate Professor of Psychology

“Audrey is one of the best students I have worked with in my over 15 years at Loyola. I have  mentored many undergraduate students and Provost Fellows over the years (several who have won  research awards for their work) and Audrey is the first student who is doing her own self-initiated  project and I have been very impressed with her dedication and intelligence.”

Maham Jabeen

Mentor: Laurie Jordan, Senior Lecturer of Mathematics and Statistics

“Maham showed great maturity in approaching this topic and did a thorough job of the research. She learned many things about doing research from a practical perspective as well as an academic perspective. For her to carry on this research, by herself, during a pandemic, with only my support was incredible. She worked tirelessly to find her information and reach her conclusions. Even though this was just a beginning ‘working’ paper; it certainly presented an important perspective on an especially important topic.”

Farah Harb

Mentor: Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, Associate Professor of Psychology

“Farah is already a star!  She is a very strong student who is intellectually curious and very motivated to engage in research.  Through her work on our research team, I have been impressed with Farah’s work ethic, her reliability, and her high level of competence across research tasks.”

Katie Jane Torma

Mentor: Daniel Becker, Professor of Chemistry

“It was a great pleasure having Katie Jane in my organic chemistry class and in my medicinal chemistry  class, and I am delighted that she has been highly productive in medicinal chemistry research in my lab over the past year and a half, given her exceptional scholarship and dedication. We have been limited to  only two people in my research lab at one time due to COVID-19, but Katie Jane is one of only two undergraduates permitted to be in the lab, as a result of her experience and competence, thus she has been  able to continue her hands-on research.”

Kailey Anichini

Mentor: Jorgia Connor, Associate Professor of Nursing

“Kailey is why I do what I do as a teacher and mentor. She is the student who takes what she  learns and seeks opportunities to apply them. She is passionate about working with the  underserved and marginalized and advocates for quality health care that is accessible to those  in need. Kailey has shown tremendous interest in conducting nursing research that focuses on  caring for the whole person. She wanted to learn more about the experiences of college-going  students living chronic health conditions.”