Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Faculty & Staff

Daubenmire, Patrick

Title/s:  Associate Professor
Assistant Chair

Office #:  FH-415

Phone: 773.508.8248



  • Ph. D., The Catholic University of America, Chemical Education, 2004
  • B.A., Saint Louis University, Majors: Chemistry and Theology, 1995

Research Interests

The field of chemical education research seeks to identify the processes and approaches of students learning of chemistry.  The subsequent focus is then to develop and assess differentiated strategies that align with effective learning approaches and assist in removing the barriers to the parts of the processes that inhibit learning. 

Specifically, Dr. Daubenmire’s research focuses on engaging students in their learning process by focusing on how chemistry is involved in solving problems in the world, utilizing and assessing guided inquiry and cooperative learning techniques in the chemistry classroom, and assisting chemistry teachers in their development of an inquiry-based instructional repeteroire.

Selected Publications

Wink, D.J., Daubenmire, P.L., Brennan, S.K., and Cunningham, S.A. "Bringing Standards-based Chemistry Instruction to an Urban School District," in Chemistry and the National Science Education Standards, 2nd Ed., Stacey Lowery Bretz, Ed., 2008. American Chemical Society

Daubenmire, P.L. and Bunce, D.M. “What Do Students Experience during POGIL Instruction?” in Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning, Richard S. Moog and James N. Spencer, eds. 2008. American Chemical Society.

Current Funding

Illinois State Board of Education grant for planning and implementing a new M.Ed. program in Science Education focusing on teaching inquiry-based, high school chemistry in urban districts (Co-PI).