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Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)

The upper-division courses are designed to educate the chemistry major for graduate studies or industrial work.  For students who enroll in our course based masters program, you will enjoy the small class sizes found in our upper level courses and access it provides to your instructors.  Students with a strong interest in research can choose to obtain a thesis-based masters in a diverse range of subjects. Our students receive the academic rigor and laboratory instrumentation access associated with our PhD program in a flexible and condensed schedule expected of a Masters Program.  

Career Outcomes

You're not only taking coursework & completing research that you’re interested in, you’re establishing a relationship with the faculty, a connection towards your future endeavours. Graduates from our program have gone on to complete their transition to Medical School, better prepare for advanced chemistry or biochemistry degrees, and improve their credentials and experience for industry. 

Complete your transition in our Master’s program scheduled on your time. Check out our success stories on our Outcomes Page.

MS Program Structure

Course-based programs: This program requires eight graduate level courses in chemistry for a total of 24 credit hours. One course must be taken in four of the following five areas: analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical. The remaining four courses may be distributed among the different areas, or a student may specialize in a particular area.

Thesis-based program: This program requires at least five courses in chemistry, with at least two courses completed in the student’s major field and three in the student’s minor fields. The remaining credits are earned in research courses. A total of 24 credit hours is required. To complete the degree, students must write and defend a research thesis.

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