Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2006 Chemistry Seminars

November 30, 2006
Dr. Alvan Hengge
Dep of Chemistry, Utah State University
Title: Metals in Phosphoryl Transfer - From Model Systems to Purple Acid Phosphatases

November 16, 2006
Dr. Joseph Francisco
Dept of Chemistry, Purdue University
Title: Structure and Reactivity of Open-Shell Complexes: New Frontier in Atmospheric Chemistry

November 9, 2006
Dr. Adam Dricks
Loyola University Chicago - Dept of Microbiology/Immunology
Title: From Structures to Superstructures: Assembly of Spores of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus anthracis

October 26, 2006
Dr. Luke Hanley
Title: Laser Desorption Postionization Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Bacterial Biofilms

October 19, 2006
Dr. James Kiddle
Western Michigan University
Title: Chiral Multipurpose Organophosphorus Compounds for Asymmetric Synthesis

October 12, 2006
Ms. Aimee Stevens
Illinois State Crime Laboratory
Title: Forensic Science

September 28, 2006
Dr. Yuequan Shen
Ben-May Institute for Cancer Research - University of Chicago
Title: Structure and Function of Human Insulin-Degrading Enzyme

September 21, 2006
Dr. Alan Wolfe
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Title: Linking metabolism to signaling networks: exploring the impact of acetyl phosphate

September 14, 2006
Dr. Frank Momany
National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research
Title: DFT studies of Hydrated carbohydrates: Why is it important to know how sugars and water mix?

April 27, 2006
Dr. Lisa Szczepura
Illinois State University
Title: Hexanuclear Cluster Complexes: Development of Synthetic Methodologies

April 20, 2006
Dr. Duncan J. Wardrop
University of Illinois at Chicago
Title: Reevaluating the Synthetic Utility of Nitrenium Ions

April 6, 2006
Dr. Neocles Leontis
Bowling Green State University
Title: RNA Structural Bioinformatics

March 23, 2006
Dr. Daniel Becker
Loyola University Chicago
Title: Medicinal Chemistry to Supramolecular Chemistry

Feb 21, 2006
Dr. Richard Holz
Utah State University
Title: Co-Catalytic Metallopeptidases as Pharmaceutical Targets

Feb 16, 2006
Dr. Wallis Calaway
Argonne National Lab
Title: Analysis of Samples Returned from Outer Space

Feb 9, 2006
Dr. Asim Gangopadhyaya
Loyola University Chicago
Title: What makes Solvable problems Solvable (in a Quantum Mechanical Sense)?

Jan 26, 2006
Dr. Joshua Telser
Roosevelt University
Title: A journey across the first row transition metals with high-field/frequency electron paramagnetic resonance (HFEPR)

Jan 19, 2006
Dr. Ruben Parra
DePaul University
Title: Ion affinity of a model macrocyclic tetraamide: an ab initio study