Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2010 Chemistry Seminars

December 9, 2010
Dr. Mark Dietz
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Title: "Ionic Liquids as Environmentally Benign Solvents for Metal Ion Separations:  Promise and Limitations"

December 2, 2010
Dr. Duarte Mota de Freitas
Loyola University Chicago
Title "Effect of Li+ on the Structure-function Relationships in G Proteins: Implications for Bipolar Disorder"

November 18, 2010
Dr. James R. Horn
Northern Illinois University
Title: "Minimalist Protein Affinity Reagents: Mechanisms of Target Recognition and New Engineering Strategies"

November 4, 2010
Dr. John Hartwig
Title: "Catalysts by Design"

October 28, 2010
Dr. Daniel Graham
Title: "Information Properties of Enzymes:  Lessons from Ribonuclease A"

October 21, 2010
Dr. Marcy Towns
Purdue University

Title: "Faculty Perspectives of Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory: Goals for Lab"

Friday - OCTOBER 15, 2010 (Denkewalter Lecture)
Dr. Scott K. Silverman
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title:  "DNA as a Catalyst"

October 14, 2010
Dr. Jan Florian
Title: "Structural Basis of DNA Replication Fidelity: Experiment and Theory"

September 30, 2010
Dr. Dagmar Ringe
Brandeis University
Title: "Stabilization of unstable proteins: structure based drug design"

September 23, 2010
Dr. Michael P. Stewart
Applied Materials, San Francisco
Title:  "Advanced PECVD Dielectric Films for High Efficiency Solar Cells"

September 16, 2010
Dr. Shelley D. Minteer
Saint Louis University
Title:  "Bioelectrocatalysis for Energy Conversion Applications"

September 9, 2010
Dr. Amy Luke
Title:  "Stable Isotopes in Epidemiology: What the Doubly Labeled Water Method Adds to Obesity Research"

April 22, 2010
Dr. Patrick Daubenmire
Title: "The Interaction of Instructional Moves and Student Learning in two Inquiry-Based Approaches to Chemistry Classrooms"

April 15, 2010
Dr. Tarun B. Patel
Title: "Promiscuous Rsk(y) interactions with Protein Kinase A"

April 8, 2010
Dr. Eric Brown
Loyola University Chicago
Title: "Methods for the Study of Excited States: Constrained Dynamics, Electron Density Topology, and Graphical Representations"

March 25, 2010
Dr. Keith Woods
Abbott Laboratories
Title: "Inhibitors of Akt Kinases as Antitumor Agents"

March 18, 2010
Dr. Joseph Hupp
Northwestern University
Title: "Functional Metal-Organic Framework Materials"

February 25, 2010
Dr. Kevin Rosso
Pacific Northwestern Laboratory, Washington
Title: "Electron Transfer and the biogeochemistry of Iron: A Frontier in Environmental Chemistry"

February 18, 2010
Dr. Thomas Stephan
University of Chicago
Title: "Fire and Ice - four years after Stardust's return - what have we learned?"

February 11, 2010
Dr. Marvin Miller
University of Notre Dame
Title: "Design, Chemical Syntheses and Biological Studies of New Antibiotics"

January 28, 2010
Dr. Luca Maragliano
University of Chicago
Title: "Novel methods for potential of mean force and reaction paths calculations inbio-molecular simulations"

January 21, 2010
Dr. Luping Yu
University of Chicago
Title: "Organic Single Molecular Junction and Bulk Heterojunction-From Molecular Rectification to Organic Photovoltaics"

January 14, 2010
Dr. Jean-Luc Bredas
Georgia Tech
Title: "Theoretical description of organic-inorganic interfaces:  The case of self-assembled monolayers on metal oxides in organic opto-electronic devices"