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Chemistry Professor Awarded for Sustainability Work

Chemistry Professor Awarded for Sustainability Work

Chemistry Professor Patrick L. Daubenmire has been recognized for his work in bringing sustainability into chemistry classrooms. Dr. Daubenmire is one of four recipients of the 2015 Award for Incorporation of Sustainability into Chemistry Education, a prestigious award from the American Chemical Society and its Committee on Environmental Improvement.

The ACS is a Congress- chartered nonprofit organization that, with more than 160,000 members, is the single largest scientific society in the world. The ACS has chapters across the globe and publishes 44 different scientific journals. One of the society’s main initiatives includes implementing “green chemistry” practices into chemical enterprise.

Dr. Daubenmire’s publication, Using the Chemistry Curriculum as the Starting Point for Engaging Students and Their Families in Pro-Environmental Behaviors, was nominated earlier this year for the award. The project illustrated how learning the science behind sustainability principles can foster environmentally friendly behavior in students and their family members.

“Environmental issues are contexts for numerous chemistry principles and those issues are at the forefront of problems that our societies much solve,” Dr. Daubenmire said. “All people (scientists and non-scientists) need to be part of that dialog and should be informed as they do so.”

As part of the award, Dr. Daubenmire has been invited to present his work this March at the 2015 ACS National Meeting in Denver.

Earlier this year, Dr. Daubenmire received the Loyola Excellence in Teaching Freshmen Award. Daubenmire teaches general and inorganic chemistry, as well as the university core scientific course, UCSF 137. He is also currently involved in a volunteer program for high school students, which teaches them about science and sustainability.