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Our City, Your Classroom

Studying abroad at the Chicago Center will immerse you in a culture very different from your own.  As your step out your door, you will explore a diverse urban landscape where you can try different foods, participate in various festivals and celebrations, and meet people from around the world.  During your time at Loyola University Chicago, you will have the chance to enroll in engaging academic courses, participate in dozens of campus clubs and activities, and forge lifelong friendships.  Whether you are here for a summer, a semester, or an academic year, you are sure to find your place at Loyola University Chicago.  The possibilities at the Chicago Center are as endless as our skyline, and we look forward to welcoming you to our city!

Remembering the Chicago Center 

For eight, powerful years of existence, the Chicago Center has played an active role in facilitating cultural exchange. It is through this exchange of diverse perspectives and all the wonderful people who have contributed to this program that the Chicago Center has experienced such great success.  We would like to take a moment to thank all the students who have participated in this unique program and remember some of the experiences that made this exchange truly special.  See below to hear from the students about all the ways the Chicago Center has impacted the lives of people around the world.


"This is such a great program that helped many of us learn and adapt to live and study in the U.S. For me personally, the program encouraged me to pursue my graduate degree at Loyola, which turned out to be my best educational experience. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the Chicago Center program and meet all the people there. There's a Chinese saying goes "A difficult parting for a better reunion." I hope there might be a chance that the CCP alums would meet again somewhere in the world, or in our memories is also not bad. Last but most important, many thanks to all the people who helped establish and worked for the program. I want you all to know that the program had such a great impact on me, and what you've done to make it work is really a big deal, which you should be proud of." - Nan Li, Spring 2012  

"Chicago Center program was my very first foreign exchange experience and it has shaped my perspective in many ways. I enjoyed all the courses I took, all the friends I made as well as all the cities we went as part of this program. Our coordinators Jason and Mike were so friendly and supportive, it was a real pleasure being one of the participants in this great program." Nadila Shataer, Spring 2013

"The fall and winter in 2014 in Chicago definitely opened a door for me to meet people from different countries and experience diverse culture. Strong thank you to all the staff of the Chicago Center. It is your effort that brings me an unforgettable memory and amazing journey that I might be learning from forever in my life." - Helena Chen, Fall 2014

"The best moments I've had in Chicago have been with your support. Thank you for having made my exchange one of the best moments of my life." - Nayara S. Bonfim, Fall 2015

"I spent my whole junior in Loyola University Chicago, which was an amazing and meaningful time. I learned a lot about culture and knowledge of America from the school and friends from international house family. I appreciated all the efforts you did and supports you provided for each of us. The year I spent with the Chicago Center Team made me become a better me." - Lulu, Spring 2016 & Fall 2016

"The Chicago Center itself and the people in it has given me such an awesome opportunity and experience while I was at Loyola." - Lisa Wang, Fall 2018

"I want to express my gratitude to the entire Chicago Center staff for giving me the opportunity to live an authentic experience of the American university life." - Andrea Zanchini, Spring 2019


Chicago By: Anne-Lise Besneux and Alexandra Stepanian, AY 2018-2019

Chicago: A Global City? By: Claire de Villechabrolle, Camelia Tanane, and Lauriane Barra, Spring 2018

Chicago By: Alexandra Leroux, Charlotte Bia, Fanny Pecheran, and Florentina CelerierFall 2017